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Mr DNA statue

How much is that DNA statue at the moment? As I am not vip the game does not tell me.

If you are talking about the DNA production facility at level 12 the building produces 1,200 DNA every 12 hours after you click to collect.

No mr dna decoration. Sorry I couldn’t amend the title but I just managed it now.

I only get to see this…

I have 20k points and that cheeky chap is missing from my collection. Will join if i have enough points.

Thank you.


That’s him. Give him up. :slight_smile:

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He is just slightly better than the Oasis so he is a so so decoration. I feel like I have seen him offered in the 4,000 LP packs before, the one you are looking at is 8,000 for VIP members. Personally I will never spend 8,000 LP for a Mr. DNA Statue.


Ok. Cheers. Never noticed him in a 4k pack. Will not bother then. I need all the things…