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Mrhino vs wooly

So with the dailies and the championship I’m gonna be looking at around 8200 rhino dna with my rhino at level 15 and depending on wether or not this is a 5 or 4 tournament championship Im looking at a base mrhino or level 22 mrhino I’m lacking in good tournament dinos but kinda worried about a wooly nerf what do y’all suggest

I say get it higher level while you still have the chance before it gets nerfed

Well the dna is super precious so I don’t want to have it leveled up use it for a month and then get it nerfed into the ground and there goes my rhino hoard

Well I suggest get it anyway because at least you unlocked the rhino and you can decide what to do with it

Because on the last week of the tournament you can use unqiue’s so maybe you can test the rhino out at that time.

If you are asking what is safer from a nerf between a Epic or a Unique that should be a easy answer. My approach to this game is not to do what is easy but to do the hard things and get rewarded. I have no regrets for the grind to get my L30 geminititan over a L30 diplodocus. There are other benefits to leveling your rhino to 30 its great for sanctuary builds and epic non hybrid tournaments. But if was me I’d make rhino 20 and open up Monolorhino and concentrate on crea raids and use that beast for the swap in tank you are looking for. Consider the rhinos a stop gap for cera.

I have a level 23 rhino, and I know this things gonna get beaten by the nerf hammer in the next patch or so. Go for mono, it is a better long term option.

Rhino is more likely to get nerfed than monorhino