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Mt Sibo move glitch

So we were doing the battle for the Mt Sibo and when you press the highest move for the creature it gives you the first move. Example: you choose the pounce for Dakotaraptor, but for some reason it registers the first move which is dodge. Same happened to all the other creatures and 1 or 2 battles were lost because of this…

Screenshot proof

I was meaning to go for the biggest hit but……

Also when you try to switch out a creature ( eg Wooly Rhino at the back of the roster ) it switches out to the dinos next to it ( Maiasaura )

Did you time out? This may not even be a glitch. Sometimes it happens when your a bit behind and the animation of your previous move is still going when you should be able to click your next move. This causes you to “time out” and your not be able to pick your move


Nope didn’t time out or anything

Hi there SmilodonTroodon. If this is happening regularly or consistently, would you mind emailing our team at They’ll be happy to look further into it.

Thank you!


This only happened yesterday, if it happens today again I’ll let Support know