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Mult-Fuse change

So I understand they set the level for mult-fusing to 17 because it requires a lot of materials to do so but I’d find it more reasonable at level 15. Maybe limited to a max 25 fuses at level 15, level 16 max is 100, and level 17 max is 250

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Edit: 25 -> 20

Ready for this?

Multifuses are awesome


Why give low lvl players even more disadvantages?


The 100 fuses actually gave you slightly more DNA than the 250 fuses. All together you got an average of 23,3 DNA per fuse which is just about common. Did save you a bunch of time and clicks though😉

Obviously my point was simply the time saved. I will also say I’ve had considerably worse luck on higher rarity fuses

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I agree, I am level 12 and I hate it, because it is so useful and I do not know why should I spend more time fusing just because I play the game for a shorter amount of time than others.

I don’t know how I got to level 20 by clicking so many damn buttons continuously without giving up.

My second account is level 9 and the amount of clicks to get anywhere is making me ask myself why do I bother?

Don’t know why they limited it, and why it took so long to get it in the first place.

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I could use it I have way to much dna to burn on purrolth and dlipotater

Yep; I can see why its limited - newbie players may not understand the fusing mechanic and question the results - but L17 is stupidly high. My alt account has just hit 11 and I would have said it would have been useful from L10+.


Yeah leveling Grypolyth before multifuse was like “kill me”


Server reasons is prob why. The.other reason is Ludia is making the game unforgiving to new players. To force money from new players who have zero immersion in the game. Rather poor strategy.

Yeah, at least you could grind the xp from it

I’m lvl 14 and I’m sick of clicking the damn fuse button hundreds of times. This is ridiculous.

It should be for at least level 15 and over. Because that’s when the XP grind is real

Fusing rare DNA this way is much better now but fusing legendary DNA still only Nets me tens and twenties

By the way, if anybody wanted proof of the different rarity tiers being rigged. This is it. Rares give so much more than epics, legendaries, and uniques.

Wasn’t that 250 fuses? Because if you’re not trying an equal number on both you can’t really compare.

Gamepress has datamined the different fuse percentages for all the hybrids btw. I don’t think there was any such rarity bias. You could always check it out.

I think the thread was called “fusing is rigged: confirmed” or something along those lines.
Edit: it’s “Gamepress: fusions are rigged!”

Gotta love the complaints about how hard it is to level up and how unfair the system is for low level players. And yet they still have more opportunities to gain XP and DNA than the long time players had while they were leveling up. I don’t have a problem with new players gaining opportunities to lessen the grind, but complaining the system isn’t fair to them is ridiculous.

I love Multi fuse. It is the only way to meet the Epic and Rare quota quickly provided there is enough coin to do it.