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Multi fusion is dangerous

I had 4 million coins. I multi fused a bunch of worthless legendaries and now i am down to 750k. Be careful when fusing.


Como se pueden tener 4.000.000 de monedas? que banco hay que atracar? de quien hay que hacerse amigo? de Rockefeler o Rato ? GrACIAS Y sALUDOS.

Translation through Google translate:

“How can you have 4,000,000 coins? What bank should be docked? Who should be friends with? of Rockefeler or Rato? Thanks and regards.”

When you get towards end game, coins aren’t as important and they build up rapidly. Spinning lots of drops at close range, and the treasure chests helps.


How is it dangerous, ignoring the fact you multi-fused a bunch of worthless legendaries, which is questionable in itself, the screen shows you how much coins you will be spending for the multi-fuse before you fuse.

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Now watch ludia create a bunch more gen 2 hybrids in the next patch or two that use ingredients you just wasted on “useless legendaries”!

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