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Multi-Minion Scent Capsules from Raids!

The idea is whatever minions are in a Raid are featured in the Incubator so that after you get whatever Deoxyribonucleic Acid you receive from the Raid Boss you also get a Multi-Minion Scent Capsule for each minion you defeated.

How the Multi-Minion Scent Capsule operates: It spawns only the minion and it first spawns 25 at at time then 40 at a time, then 80 at a time. These spawns will be every 10 minutes for 30 minutes. Dart as many as you can in the allotted time.

Support Multi-Minion Scent Capsule as a new in-SCENT-ive for Raids. Yes I know it’s spelled wrong.

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but then can you make minions in the end or just dna of the dino the minion was modeled after

What? What do you mean? I just wanted mass chaos. A Scent Capsule with an Agent Smith variety of a single dinosaur. I wish we could have one for Blue. But she’s not a minion… yet.

so do you get dna of say, dodge minion or gallimimus (what it was modeled after)

Yes. You are darting the minions from the Raid. Each will be featured in their own exclusive Multi-Minion Scent Capsule. So let’s say you just defeated Mortem Rex.

You receive the Incubator and you get 20 Mortem Rex Deoxyribonucleic Acid, but after all the other rewards it grants you one Velociraptor Multi-Minion Scent Capsule and one Majundasuchus Multi-Minion Scent Capsule.

so you get velo and majunga dna

I think you’re missing the point. It depends on whatever Raid you complete. And you get those minions in their own Multi-Minion Scent Capsules. Some will be desired, others not so much. But think of the future minions to come! We can also use this to test out Multi-Spawn based Scent Capsules for special Events or Dungeons and Lairs in the future.

but then what does the user get after launching the capsule if not dna

so can you add them to your roster and use them in PvP

What? Most already have them. I just want this to take off to give us more opportunity to get them for dinosaurs we would love to actually get to dart under these circumstances. Look, every idea can’t be big. You have to start small sometimes and then strike when you need to and get what you really want.

Would be cool if she and Delta were minions for an indominus boss.

Well personally I am highly highly disappointed in the team for not giving us a bleed minion yet. We need it. I would love an Apex that is super hard and has a Bleed based minion!

I can see this becoming Mass Clone Scent Capsule for standard drops. I mean the thing most aren’t considering is when it spawns 80, I said 80 Kentrosaurus!

This is why I set it as a 30 minute Scent Capsule with 25 spawns of the dinosaur, then 40 and then 80 at each 10 minute interval.