Multifusion did not get DNA error

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Bug Description: I did a multifusion of x5. The game froze. I had to restart the game, after waiting a couple of minutes. Checked my DNA. Some of the DNA went poof, and I got 40 DNA, when at a minimum I should have received at least 50 and statistically 110.

Area is was found in:

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Do a multifuse.
Step 2 - Game freezes.
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: Too often. Ok. About once every month or so.

What type of device are you using: Samsung S7 Edge

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Hey there, @Whitecat31, our support team would be glad to take a closer look at your account and figure out what might have happened - reach out to them at, including your support key in the email so that they can assist you more quickly!

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@John already sent. With screen shots.

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I also sent a message to customer support. Is there some type of turnaround time to be expected here? My screen shots I sent showed what happened.
did a x5 multi fusion attempt with 1002 Argentinosaurus DNA and 11076 Secondaurus DNA.

The game froze up. I took a screen shot after waiting a while, because historically, freeze ups with fusions seems to have bad results and restarted the game.

I restarted the game and I should have had 2 Argentinosaurus DNA and 10826 Secodontosaurus DNA remaining and most likely a gain of about 110 DNA Ardontosaurus DNA from the fusion based on the law of averages.

Instead I came back to have 191 Argentinosaurus DNA and 10876 Secodontosaurus DNA left which indicated the game somehow chose to do 4 single fusions in a row giving me only 10 each fusion, and then to make 13 Argentinosaurus DNA go poof. I was baffled and decided to do a screen shot. I think I might have shot something before the second screen shot based on the dart count, but I don’t recall.

You can use the countdown timers as time stamps. 50m29seconds drops to 44m16 seconds. 4h 05min drops to 3h59min so there was a 6 minute time difference.

You can also see from from the Secondontosaurus count that 4 fusions somehow occurred with the loss of 200 DNA. So I did not somehow shoot the involved Epic and a Rare in between screen shots to somehow confuse things.

Follow up. I am lessed than pleased by the customer service response that was just basically insulting. It ignored the fact that Argentinosaurus DNA was destroyed while just doing simple math.
Clearly I wanted to do a multifusion for the statistical variance return and did not get that chance.
Instead I got the forced default of 10 DNA that frequently occurs during lag outs 4 times in a row. My guess it is something written in the code to stop people from doing a fuse and using airplane mode or a bad internet signal to retry a fuse they don’t like.
So a new Bug Report,
Bug Description
Customer service response treated me like I can’t do math or report bugs correctly. Customer service then did horrible math and agreed that yes I tried to do a multifusion but instead did 4 multifusions and ignored the Argentinosaurus destroyed most likely before the multifusion attempt ocurred and offerred no compensation and just a form letter thank you and we will incorrectly report what happened to the QA team.

Area found in:
Customer service response team hybrid form letter
How to reproduce the bug
Step 1 -Contact possibly overworked customer service team member who does not fully understand the bug that ocurred in the game and how the error that happened.
Step 2 Get response that insults customer and ignores part of the customer imput with a hybrid form letter,
Step 3 Repond with snarky comment and see what happens.
Step 4 More to follow unless this is over moderated.

How often does it happen. First time for me, but I will say that is too often, and for the time and effort I put into this game and reporting the bug, you would hope I would get respect for my time and effort.

1004 minus 800 would get me 204.
Instead I am staring at a 191.
Where did that missing 13 Argentinosaurus DNA disappear to?
My best guess is the 13 DNA did not properly register from a sanctuary feeding session on the server side but did register on the client side.

When the multifuse attempt was attempted the math did not add up on the server side and it overrode the correct client side amount, and then continued to attempt the multifuse because of the lack of a proper IF statement in the code.
The system then forced as a protective measure against cheating the default amount of 10 DNA for fusions 4 times in a row, which was completely unfair to the person on the client side. @John

Follow up customer support was kind enough to send 13 Argentinosaurus DNA to customer after confirming that yes indeed server side did not register that 13 Argentinosaurus DNA and over rode the client side result. There was an admission that there was a server error. (A server error is the responsibility of Ludia, and not the responsibility of the client.) It was followed with a statement that because there is a chance that the customer could have gotten five fuses in a row with 10 DNA, that the customer should not be compensated with anything else. This completely ignores the fact that particular result is 5 standard deviations from the norm. Nor does the answer register about how lag out DNA fuses tend to default to a DNA result of 10. It also ignores that the customer did a fantastic job of finding and documenting a bug and explaining how to fix the bug, with the addition of a an IF statement. This occurred while following all the appropriate channels, and that the customer has suffered from it while never having the opportunity to do what they wanted to do based on the admitted server error which was just to do a multifuse. This type of thing tends to make customers unhappy.