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How do you like the idea of ​​making multiplayer? In order to play with friends, fight in a fight with friends, share items of the same type, exchange legendary for a legendary, ordinary for an ordinary item. Visit a friend’s island to watch dragons.
Also the idea is to add a totem so that it makes the dragons work in 1 click. Translated with the help of a translator from Google, sorry for the mistakes.

And also it will protect the game from hacking, so that hackers play on separate servers, and not on general

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I wouldn’t hold your breath. Adding multi-player to a game that was never intended for it is an enormous can of worms for questionable benefit. Yes, you aren’t the first person to ask, but I suspect there are plenty of players that wouldn’t care, or even don’t want multiplayer aspects. Playing a game by yourself is relaxing, as you are only competing with yourself and, to an extent, the computer. I have absolutely no desire for RoB to become some sort of competitive game, with all the “casual” players getting fed up with how they are being trounced by players that are willing to pour piles of money into the game.

Just look at brawl. It is by far the worst thing to ever happen to the game.

What do you mean by “work”? If you mean “collect wood and fish”, that statue already exists.

How is that supposed to work?

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someone always wants to be the first, someone plays, just to enjoy. there will not be the best players, you can just visit a friend’s island, see the location, different dragons, etc.

I’m in the discord conversation of this game, and they agreed with my idea of ​​adding multiplayer to watch other people’s islands, it’s interesting.

And idea going to add different colors of the island, because the same color is already boring, I want something bright or vice versa, more colorful in terms of green.

A fight is a fight, fights with friends will be interesting too.

About the statue. No, not collecting, so I collected everything from all the dragons, and I am too lazy to launch them to work, I click on the totem, and it sends them to work, some dragons to fish, others to a tree.

Well, there is a Clash of Clans game. It cannot be hacked in the sense that it is an online game, and it is simply impossible to wind up money there, you have to download a hacked game, but these hackers will not play on shared servers with good people, but with themselves and the same hackers.

I think the idea of multiplayer is good. Not that it would actually happen, but it’s a good idea. Think about it; if you don’t want multiplayer, you can turn off Multiplayer Mode. If Multiplayer Mode is off, you can play that “relaxing” game by yourself.

In Multiplayer Mode, you can Brawl other players, trade collectibles, send gifts (like dragons, Runes, fish, wood, etc.), and see other people’s Berk. I also think the totem idea is good. I mean, it would make it so you can tap on the totem and it gives you 2 choices: Collect or Send. You can collect the fish, wood, and iron, and also send out the dragons as well.

But yes, I wouldn’t hold your breath. It’s very unlikely for them to add something as huge as that. If they did, it would be in a major update that would take at least 6 months to develop, possibly longer. However, it COULD happen. Request it, if it means that much to you. They would probably consider it, if not do it.

I’m not quite sure about the hackers. I don’t know much about them, as I haven’t cared to listen to anything about hackers and I’ve never been hacked myself. I’ll leave you two to decide on that.

The only thing I would object against Multiplayer Mode is chat. Chat always turns out badly. With most chat games, players talk inappropriately and cuss constantly. That is unbearable to those of us who just want to have fun and not ruin our love for the game by seeing some bad stuff on the chat. So if Multiplayer Mode were to be created, I would absolutely protest against chat. Yes, I would like to interact with other players, with things like trade and gifting, and I would like to be able to chat, but chat just turns into a hazard. Another thing: Some people that are playing are younger than others, and might be coaxed into giving up personal info. That would not be good, and we all know why.

Well, it was nice sharing my opinion with you two. I’m glad I signed up for this forum. I haven’t been in many forums, and I’m trying to change that. I’d like to make my opinion known.

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Again, THIS ALREADY EXISTS. I have it. I don’t understand why y’all keep asking for something that already exists?

There’s no separate collect/send, though, it just does both (but independently for wood and fish). No iron, and I doubt an automatic send for iron will happen. Because it costs wood/fish and there is no limit on dragons you can have out collecting iron, there is no reasonable way for the game to know which dragons you want to send. (You can easily have many, many more dragons with iron ready to be collected than you have storage capacity to send back out.)

Thanks for your feedback, it will help a lot in developing the mode. I would like to talk about chat. I think that the developers will add a chat, but they will do it very efficiently, namely, they will add a filter of forbidden words, a complete filter of links, so that all links will be automatically removed or not sent at all, and for repeated violations, the mut is issued about a day. to warn kids against viruses, etc. And also add moderators who will follow the chat and even possibly answer questions in a separate chat in the game itself. In general, I want 3 chats

  1. General chat, for communication between players
  2. Trade chat for placing advertisements about the sale of something. If this of course happens
  3. Admin chat, so you can ask a question while playing. Something like that.
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Okay, I agree. As long as inappropriate language is forbidden (in the general chat) and moderators are patrolling. I think the moderators could also ban players from chat if they break the rules.

About your second chat: Like I was saying, if our theoretical (for now) new update is created, I was talking about trade. This chat could totally help support that. Players could make offers and bargains in this chat about trade for dragons, collectibles, decorations, fish/wood/iron/amber, and whatever else they can. Also, there could be a small program that could give players suggestions on what to trade based on their current amount of trade items. That could help players with their advertisements and it could help them make the best deals and bargains and hopefully not get cheated.

Admin chat: Totally. I have had times when I’m sitting, watching my Berk, and wishing I could ask someone what to do. If there were something I could just click and ask a question, and be answered within 2 minutes, that would seriously help me. And it would help other players too.

All of this supports the ultimate question: Will the players recommend the game to people they know? By adding all of this good stuff, players feel like they like the game so much that they think their friends and family would like it too. And the more players playing the game, the more popular it gets. The more popular - and that’s where I’m not sure. Are the developers paid more if more players play? Or something like that? Anyway, the more popular, the happier the developers are, apparently. Something like that.

Now I know, robocat3, that you’re probably very disappointed and maybe annoyed that we’ve continued this conversation about an update that you absolutely refuse to even consider. You don’t like it. I get it. But let RedRoom and I fantasize about something that MIGHT one day be reality. We’re just creating a theoretical world. Yes, you’re right, it’s unlikely for Multiplayer Mode and chat and all our ideas to come to life.

Well, it’s been nice talking about this cool idea. Honestly, if I were able to ask the developers for one thing, it would be this. This pretty much covers everything I’ve been wishing for ever since I re-downloaded the game (Yes. Re-downloaded. But that’s a story for another day).