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Multiple Areas of Concern


I’ve been on my soapbox today especially about the Light Fury event, so I thought I would post my suggestions here and knock them all out in one go.

Shorter Energy Regeneration Time OR Lives in place of Energy

Since there is an energy cost for every level, it’s a little assinine to even have energies. Start at 3 finish at 8 or 10, I don’t know… I can’t seem to get my power high enough to know for sure. But that’s another topic a little further down. The regeneration rate is super slow and frustrating and gives me plenty of time to complain. Lol. Lives in place of energies would give more freedom and still force people to take a break. Example: You have 5 lives, you lost 5 battles, a 10-minute timer starts to regain another life. With the way the energy is set up as of now, we’re only able to play a few levels before the waiting game begins. Even having a single cost for each task would allieviate a lot of grief.

Sell/Exchange/Delete One-Star Dragons AND/OR Speed up Treasury/Fishery Production

I know you - yes, you Mr/s Team Member - have already seen people requesting this feature. As players progress and that little one-star dragon only move the bar a pinch, that’s frustrating. Especially, when the fish cost is the same if I’m training with a one-star or a four-star. Adjusting the amount of fish for each tier would be another suggestion. 600 for 1 star, 800 for 2, and so on and they stack whatever the variety is. But also, give players the opportunity to sell or exchange for gold and/or fish - The game does not produce enough. Even when we get fish and coins as a reward while the Fishery and Treasury painfully and slowly are producing some in the meantime, the results don’t really yield enough. If anything, I’m breaking even and I haven’t even started to breed. We maybe get just enough to hatch the egg we got from completing the level and it’s gone. If we get multiple eggs to hatch, we sit there and watch the coins bounce… yawn … until we can afford to hatch the other.

Dragon Power

Ugh, this whole part of the game is a catastrophe. A few points per level? Really? So that little pop up comes up that tells me to level up my dragons and I will be able to pass that level. I play the repeatable quest, I hatch some eggs, send them to the Acadamy, and now I’ve leveled all my dragons. Why can I still not beat this level? Oh, that’s why… Everything went up like 2 points. TWO POINTS?! This is just an example. I have actually tallied it. I have 2 5-star dragons at lvl 30 +4 and a +7 (or 34 and 37 if you must, I say +X because the leveling resets to 1 once you hit the milestone) and the power hasn’t even doubled. break out your calculator, we’ll start with The Molten Magmannette who started at 353 and is now at 628; after all the math (lvl 30 +4) comes to about 8 pts per level and I think the majority of the points were gained after hitting lvl 30. About the same for The Tempestuous Scalestrom. The amount of fish, coins, dragons, scales, and whatever other resources it took to get to this point. Obscene. Also, when you say - get a 4 star green dragon and replace it with the lvl 20 3-star you were using and it only powers up to 6. FORREAL? Can’t give me at least half back? Experience points would be an idea as well as petting the dragons. What is this feature actually for if nothing is gained from it? I’m getting ahead of myself again… Anyway, this needs some tweaking. Tweaking this and adding other means of gaining experience would all but nearly make the need for repeatable quests obsolete. Then, BAM! You have more room to develop the game elsewhere.


This is also a bit of a mess. I worked hard to get to the breeding point to be disappointed for 2 reasons: 1) You can only breed with select dragons, 2) 4 and 5-star breeding is restricted to who-knows-when. WHY? But, as I’ve said before, I can’t even breed at the moment anyway because I’m too busy spending all my resources on leveling my dragons since the leveling system is bogus. Can you at least turn off the constant notification? Yes, I’m aware, I have dragons that CAN be bred, but I can’t breed 4 and 5-stars so that 3-star won’t pair with anyone else because I DON’T HAVE THEM! Get it? Just a little tweaking never hurt anyone.

Other Ways to Gain Experience

I get it, Dragons love to eat fish. Just not eels. However, there are other ways to gain experience points and one way, in particular, could actually be a good step in the right direction to save the Light Fury event because this can go on after the event has ended and we don’t have to stop gaining her trust. We have this ability to see our dragon and pet it. It’s… cute. But what is it actually for? I think you could do something cute like shards of hearts (But with like 10 points, not 1000) should be implemented. You go in, feed your dragon a fish (thinking a simple animation like when you feed a Pokemon a berry on PoGo - toss it and there’s a little flash), pet it, and get a point. After 10 days (10 points), You get a 6 pt increase. This is just thinking small scale. It can drop as many or as little points AS LONG AS it is proportionate to the number of trust points gained to some degree. Now, we’re given the opportunity to actually experience what Hiccup did with Toothless. Cute, right?

Also, I like the idea of battle experience. They each have their own bar and once it fills up, you can exchange it for health, attack, or defense. Again, this would have to be proportionate to the amount of work put in. Higher level dragons mean you have to work harder, lower level, not so much. Kind of like the Dragon Trainer leveling system (which is basically the only perfect feature on this game).


Have more packs and give the ability to purchase other stuff. Runes are great, but coins and fish help the game move along. Runes - not so much. I love the combo packs offered after leveling up. Maybe have a weekly pack that changes?

The Light Fury Event

I mean… where do I start? I see what you’re doing, you want to keep players interested and give them a long-term goal, but this was the wrong way to go about it. 9 days and a few points at a time and need to total out at 1000 points. Very… uhhh… ridiculous. Especially, since this game is new. I saw your Q&A, but you left out the part where you reassure players how often these events are coming back around. If you plan to release the other team such as Meatlug, Hookfang, Barf & Belch, Toothless, and Stormfly, where will the Light Fury fit in the middle of all that? Certainly, not at the same time.

The reset also goes up every time you use it. Why? That’s even more infuriating. Did you have to make it absolutely impossible for anyone to get her this round? And I mean absolutely unless you’re a big spender because not even your $100 pack will make it possible. Under your release notes, I’ve already spilled my heart and soul about the issue, so I won’t repeat myself. Perhaps shining a little more light on the subject would benefit players. But in all that word vomit is some other ways you could fix this really quick. No, I don’t expect a freebie. I’d never ask for that. But going back to previous topics, a purchase pack, exp pts gained by interacting (petting and feeding), and setting a more attainable goal or ways to get there faster - such as NOT raising the reset cost - may help salvage your fan base.

Trust points are a great idea, but the expectations for the players and the success of this game are probably a bit more unrealistic than what they actually should be at this point. It’s a new game. No one is entirely attached to it. It’s disposable. Just going to be blunt.

There are a hundred other games like it with all our favorite characters from Avengers to Mickey Mouse to strange looking monsters and sprites. PLEASE listen to your fans and make this one special. Make it stick out among the rest. Especially, ones like me… that took about 2 hours to scribble down some flaws and another hour or so to type them out here to probably never be read except by other disgruntled fans. Lol.

I probably missed some things, but I covered enough ground for tonight. To all who read from beginning to end, if you feel I missed something, chime in. If you agree, give me a big like and an AMEN! Lol. Until my next rant, Happy Grinding!