Multiple Dino Event Days Needs to Stop


I have only one Event Park Stop in my town and I’ve never noticed them changing Dinos. It’s seriously a high disadvantage because I can’t get most of the event dinos due to it spawning only one of the event dinos. I’ve missed out on some serious DNA for my Hybrids due to them making it to where there’s multiple dinos per event day i.e. the park spawn was a Secondasaur and the event was for that plus Mono and Ouran. Guess what I got the whole time? The one who didn’t have a hybrid… I work 6 days a week and I’m not able to travel to different towns or cities just to hunt down some event. Before they added multiple dinos per event round I had a system that allowed my to walk to the park multiple times a day and gain me the DNA and chances that I needed. But with them having multiple Dinos per stop and not rotating them it has made walking to the park pointless duty to it being one dino and most times it’s the one I don’t need.


Better to fix more park stops where they are scarce. Than kill events for everyone.

I really prefer walking on grass. If there is a problem with parks fix it don’t remove it.


I’m not saying to remove them all together. The concept itself is pretty sound. It’s the fact of only having 1 in town and it not rotating the stop to a different dino that I have an issue with.


At least 6 event spots around several parks in my city got deleted after ver.1.3.:disappointed_relieved:
Such a big loss for me, become more difficult to complete event attempts.


I agree with this as well. I notice that if it starts as one dino it will stay that dino until you dart it, but if you focus on only one dino for the event, than that stop will never change the dino that is there.

I think they should increase the spots and also have them rotate every couple hours so that you can actually focus on what you want. For instance my spots never have Gals this week and it’s really hard for me to collect 48. So in order to increase my chances of getting one I’ll have to dart a couple Tany’s.