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Multiple Random Disconnects Since the 12/17 Update


Ever since the latest update, my wife and I have been getting a lot more than usual random disconnects… though not at the same time which is odd…

We both have the same phone (Samsung Galaxy S9+) and both have the same carrier (AT&T) and we both get disconnected sporadically…

Such as tonight… we went out for about 1.5 hours… and at least an 45 of that time was wasted by one of us to reconnect… or the other 5-10 minutes to uninstall the game and reinstall… while in the same vehicle mind you…

She would have service… and I wouldn’t… or vice versa… Then, when we could finally reconnect, the game would hang on 1 of 24 for about 5-10 minutes and then finally reconnect only to either give an error that there is a problem with the google play and we would have to sign in and wait for it to finally connect again or it would just say that there is the most common error of trouble connecting to the servers (this is fairly common for us even when we have full bars)

I can’t believe that it is the fault of AT&T, since we are able to open up pokemon go (we do this to double check if we are not able to connect after 2-3 attempts) and that connects just fine as well as pandora plays just fine… it’s when pandora stops is when I know it is due to AT&T…

We have both uninstalled and reinstalled since the update
We have both logged completely out of google play accounts
We have both restarted our phones
Made sure that wifi is turned off (or on if we are at a park or at home)
(And of course, we do not play with anything other than pandora running in the background - I thought I had read somewhere that having other games running could cause problems since JWA doesn’t like running in the background)

Anyone else having this problem? Did you fix it? What did you do to fix it? At this moment in time, I am getting ready to uninstall the game and leave it at that… it is getting frustrating that we are spending more time reconnecting than we are playing…

And there are also times that we are unable to log in when connected to our home wifi, but as soon as we turn wifi off, we can connect with no problems?!?!?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…


Same problem with me…several random disconnects per day…i just reboot the app. I’m getting a little bit used to all the shirtcomings of this game.


One thing I try when I’m getting really really bad disconnects is to open a web page or some other app that uses data to ensure it’s not just tower maintenance going on. That happened to me Sunday. I could not log in… could not log in. I’d get in for a few minutes and get disconnected. I had LTE and good signal but when I tried opening a web page or the radar app. It wouldn’t load so I knew it was Sprint doing some maintenance or something. A couple hours later I had no problem.


I am also getting similar experience after the latest update.


Just had similar thing when battling the battle just froze wouldn’t let me do anything so I rebooted the game and joined back into the battle for the same thing to happen so again i rebooted to be met with this