Multiple Stun Errors

I just played a game where I lost because of a stun error.

The player swapped in with Phorusaura (with swap in stun). Not only did it stun me for that turn, but it also locked my controls and only gave me the “End Turn” option for my next turn.

Very annoying this was a sure win, that turned into a loss.

Another stun error that’s been happening a lot lately is that after the stun turn is done. The next turn your’re still “stunned” for a couple of seconds showing the “End Turn” option again, until the game realizes you’re not supposed to be stunned and then unlocks the commands. But if you click “End Turn” by mistake your turn will actually end - when it shouldn’t.

What’s going on?


Since the last update, the stun animation (and some others) lag a lot. :frowning:

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When you get swap in stunned, don’t tap the “end turn” button. After a few seconds, you will be un-stunned and your moves will appear and be able to selected. The “end turn” thing shouldn’t be there in the first place, but you don’t have to select it.


I didn’t tap it in this instance — I waited and waited and my turn ended as if I had pressed it. My Dino didn’t even use it’s first ability as it should have done.

All swap ins have a terrible delay… even the stupid DC

I’m sorry that happened, Ryanosauras. Could you please check your game and see if it is updated to version 1.13.23? It should be available in your app store if you have not updated yet.

If you’re still having this issue on version 1.13.23, please reach out to our support team here at with your support key.


I was about to tell people this. Thanks for saying it before me.

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