Murmurquill nerf; When?

We all have been destroyed by Murmurquill’s insane abilities at one point or another in our questing and i’ve been silent about it until now because it’s not too often that we encounter him in battle but seeing the newly announced Cardinal Combatant with similar skills made me make this post. Take it as an early warning for the arena as well.

So here’s the official profile of the Cardinal combatant that was posted today in Facebook:

Now let’s compare him to Murmurquill, both are hybrids so they should be very close in terms of power but that’s not the case, we’ll start with the most balanced traits between the 2.

  • Both of them can heal lock the enemy team. Nothing much to say here.

  • Cardinal applies an attack debuff to the enemy team while Murmurquill buffs your team’s attack, obviously increasing your own attack is more beneficial because it helps to get rid of threats faster thus preventing them to cast their ability and ultimately increasing the survivability of your own dragons, not to mention that Murmurquill’s buff is a larger percent than that of the Cardinal’s debuff.

Until now we can say that they are close in power with Murmurquill having a slight advantage but here comes what makes Murmurquill unbalanced.

  • Cardinal deals 150% damage to all foes, he’s in line with other dragons with AoE attack like Cloudjumper, Boltbeak, Magmannette, Auroch king, etc.
    Murmurquill does an exaggerated amount of 210% AND on top of that he heals himself for 70% of the total damage done. With a defense debuff on all foes he can wipe the entire enemy team in few turns while being unkillable.

  • Why can Murmurquill wipe entire teams in few turns, you ask? Because of his Fast spirit speed, this is the important trait that finally makes him the most OP dragon in the game. He can basically spam his ability in as little as 3 turns with stronger damage after his first cast. Meanwhile Cardinal’s spirit speed is slow with much weaker damage.

To me (and many others) Murmurquill is broken and it’s a matter of when he’s getting a nerf rather than if he needs one because he clearly does.
These are the possible changes that i would make to make him balanced with the rest of hybrids and are just my suggestions:

  1. Change his spirit speed to Very Slow without altering anything else.
    This ensures he’s still powerful but removes the “spamability” of his skill to give time for counterplay.

  2. Change his spirit speed to Moderate while halving the percentage of his vampiric ability (damage and lifesteal).
    This may sound like too much of a nerf but please consider that he can still buff his own attack and heal lock the enemy team, then compare again to the Cardinal and similar dragons (Sawmaw might need a small damage nerf as well). With this change he can still heal and do damage at the same time but not as often as his current state.

  3. Change his spirit speed to Very Fast but make his damage and heal lock single target.
    He already has a damage modifier comparable to other dragons with single target attacks and the fact that he does this much damage to every dragon is over the top, now because his spirit speed is fast it means that he can keep the enemy team heal locked pretty much forever, this is not a problem in the Cardinal because his spirit speed is slow, hence why changing Murmurquill’s heal lock to single target with faster speed would make him equally annoying but less lethal.

Anyway, these are my thoughts after seeing the new hybrid and the current state of Murmurquill. Thanks for reading.


Thanks for the detailed feedback and suggestion, @Mig. I’ll share it with our team!


Hopefully never. Makes the game amazing!


I agree, the game doesn’t need to be made easier, there needs to be almost impossible challenges or it will be boring and to easy, only takes one set of lucky tiles to wipe any kind of dragons.

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I agree with @Mig. Because I know that the game must be challenging. But in myvoponion Murmurquill is SUPER OP. He is even more OP than Chestnut Knight who revives ALL FALLEN DRAGONS. And the spamability of his ability is terrible fast. He needs to be nurfed.

Yes, MM is very strong, but you have the possibility to get her yourself and she‘ll bring you through so many battles. I don‘t have her myself but I think that‘s fair. And there are some dragons like Shifty that lock the ability of every enemy (yes, spirit speed is slow, but your dragons should be strong enough to survive one MM attack and you just have to make decent moves with the tiles) or the Sawmaw which causes enemies to gain negative spirit for some turns and whose spirit speed is very fast. It‘s only natural and what we‘re seeing in every star-stage of dragons (and in real life): some are very strong for their number of stars, others are weak, they keep balance and you have to think which dragon you‘d like to pick for your team and therefore to breed or pull.

I disagree about nerfing her,you can easily counter her self heal with heal lock/ability lock,you can also counter her damage boost with a damage reduction (from tempestuous scalestrom) and easily remove the heal lock debuff with any dragon that can cleanse.
AND you can reduce her spirit speed with toothless,which should be a very easy dragon to obtain.
You just need to use specific dragons for specific levels.

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Toothless just takes off 30% of the spirit from all foes. Does not reduce the spirit speed. :smiley:

As for Murmurquill. A dragon like cryptic would be a great counter when versing Murms. I think the only minor change best for Murmurquill if it was to happen would be to change the spirit speed from ‘Fast’ to ‘Moderate’ and i think people can be happy about that. This is just my suggestion and not expecting a change ‘yet’.


I think there is a greater argument for balancing different dragons. I would argue that fendmender and fireshrike need their spirit speed increased give how long it takes their heals to apply. You could go over the entire roster and make some changes that would benefit the game


Well there you have it… @TheDragonSlayer guess it’s happening.


That change is minuscule and won’t make any noticeable difference, he’s still way stronger than most dragons with AoE including Cardinal who is also a 5* HYBRID EQUALLY HARD TO GET.

Look i get the point that some of you have brought up but you’re talking about a PvE environment where most of those dragons aren’t even maxed out and don’t have synergy between them. When the arena comes you’ll see how truly OP he is when combined with the right dragons and people will start complaining about how unfair he is. I just wanted to avoid all of that by speaking up front.
Needless to say i’m disappointed by such a small nerf but it’s a start.


Well there goes the murmurquill! So pissed. I just fed him to my copsekeep to get him maxed. At least he wasn’t nerfed.


He still has the highest AoE damage of any dragon + heal. :rofl:

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You need to know one thing, the dev needs MM to be the strongest, and that’s all.

If talking about those badass, you also need to nerf, Sawmaw(very fast! and strong vampirized aoe plus slow down enermy and elemental buff) and Stormfly (fast and strongest aoe (170% plus 40% increased for the upcoming dpt) with shielding the weakest). MM is just these scale of power.

Think about people who threw tons of money breeding him. So the dec will never nerf MM to be like such a new adding like Cardinal

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Did you feed a murmurquill to a copsekeep…?

I‘m thinking about if that‘s possible at all - Copsekeep is a 4 star and MM a 5 star, I always thought you can‘t feed dragons with lower stars to some with higher stars …? Or is the system only asking you if you really want to feed the dragon?
Btw I thought Copsekeep and MM are „she“s?

I totally didn’t feed my murmurquill! It cost me a lot of money.

Never thought I’d see so many people against balancing a game. Guess all top arena teams will just use MM, why have it balanced so people can use a variety? If you don’t have him you don’t compete. Should make team building easy.

I’ve played a few mobiles games where when you look at the leaderboard, everyone uses the same team, zero variety because theres no balance, there’s just a best team and that’s all.

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You want to balance game then nerf all dragons according to there Rarity. Murmurquill is 5* Hybrid dragon they’re special dragons they must stay too op.

Hybrids should be strong yes but Murmurquill outperforms every other hybrid by far, he deserves a nerf no matter how much money people have wasted to get him.

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