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This is ridiculous! There’s no way to beat this level unless your ridiculously over powered. By then why need the 3* purple scale? Something more needs to be done.


That battle can be insanely difficult.

Even with the nerf, The Mythic Murmurquills are insanely powerful.

The trick is to take out the The Shifty Murklurkers first.

It helps a lot if you have a Gloomleer.

After taking out the Murklurkers focus on charging up Gloomleer.

Then lock up one of The Mythic Murmurquills. Once ability locked The Mythic Murmurquill goes down pretty easily.

Leave one Murmurquill on the board until all your dragons are charged up. Then lock and kill the remaining Murmurquill.

Then with your other dragons charged up try to repeat the process on the next wave.

It may take several hundred runes to get past the battle.

Thanks for the feedback. I didn’t think it wise taking in a purple as they do weak damage against purple. In turn would build spirit slowly. I’ll try to fit him in somewhere in the morning once I max out energy. I wish I had scar bearer and fleetsleet. They seem to be the remedy looking at their skills.

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It doesn’t help that your team is super slow! Time to upgrade to better, faster, more powerful dragons.

Yup if only RNG time was mine. Half moderate half slow team though

Can you please tell me about the nerf for this level? I somehow managed to beat it three weeks in a row a while back, but now I can’t anymore.

I beat the level with

Tricky Two-Heads

I’m not saying that is an ideal team. I’m just saying that is what I used. Sometimes I was able to clear level with no restarts. And I think one try took me 5 restarts.

I think sometimes its just luck. I tried to focus on the Murmurquill last because they recoup their health.

So, basic fight is take out the other dragons. Then focus on getting spirit. Then focus on one Murmurquill. Rinse repeat.

The Gloomleer was handy because once the Murmurquill is ability locked it is much easier to kill.

Try to get some spirit energy before killing last Murmurquill so that next wave is a little easier.

Let me know how it goes.

As far as a nerf, they nerfed Murmurquill with
Update 1.6
but it is still a beast.

Mythic Murmurquill (5-Star Purple Hushboggle) - Ability Changes

This Dragon Recovers 70% Health Of 210% (138+8perLvl) Damage from All Foes is changed to This Dragon Recovers 40% Health Of 190% (136+6perLvl) Damage from All Foes

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Ive been cranking up my Phoenixfire. I at least have a better chance now. Cleansing murmurquills bonus damage buff was the killer.

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Just avoid this batch of dragons to obtain 3* purple shard. I learn to let go certain 3*.

If you really don’t want to wait then spend about 300-400 runes.

Do note that the dragons do rotate. You get murmur x 4 per wave this round? Just skip and next round maybe lanceback and the gronkle (easy win)

In addition some can remember on which side dragon cards are shown with their team. If I start a quest with MM-card on the right side and they‘re the dragons that are right above the board (and charging very fast), I‘d begin the next round with MM-cards on the left side because they‘ll be the upper dragons then. So I have the possibility to kill MM with dragon abilities before they are charged. (Of course you‘ll have a problem with an MM and Murky combo, I‘d skip these quests as @gorglybear recommended.) If you click on the quest a few times the right and left dragon cards will switch places, so you may need to get back- and forward to get you dream positions, but nothing more.

Mostly I prefer burning energy to get a decent board rather than having to restart in wave one, ending in 3-4 restarts. Energy will recharge and if not runes have so many possibilities, especially energy refills. (I think it‘s 252 runes for a full energy refill of 63 in my case, that‘ll be 9 tries for a great board to get through with only 1 restart. Leftovers can be used to gain resources with repeatables / other quests.)