Murphy's law? This is "Ludia's law"

We have all heard of Murphys Law, basically “What can happen, will happen”, but this game has its own law…I call it “Ludia’s Law” - 'What shouldn’t happen, does happen".

Monomimus “randomly” dodges 9 times in a single match? with a 50% chance? sounds statistically possible >.>
Stegocera stuns you with its 75%, then its 33% chance and then twice in a row with its “10%” chance! Sounds about right!

Have “random” incubator dinosaurs that seem to repeat soooo often!
Have your best 4 Dinos selected in arena and then the enemy “player/bot” seems to have a the PERFECT team to counter every one of your dinosaurs!

Oh and lets not forget about their “micro” transactions! The prices are crazy!
And you know what is also funny about their “micro” (meaning really small) transactions? the ONLY one they don’t have, is a SMALL ONE hahahaha!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Ludia’s Law!


My response to this is a song by Pink Floyd…

Any guesses? It starts with a M and ends with a Y

The thing is, if it wasn’t that, it could be a million other improbable things. Like finding 3 of the same dino in a row. Or 5 epics in an hour. Or getting matched to the same person. Or hitting 3 dinos for exactly the same amount of DNA. Every one of these sequences is very improbable, but there are infinite possibilities of what these sequences of events can be, so they happen pretty often and we notice them.

And getting an easily counterable team is in most cases your own fault.


There’s impossible and then there’s improbable …

And when many improbable events happen in succession and in similar manners, then maybe there is something fishy going on :fishing_pole_and_fish:


I think the problem is too many of us go for Meta dinosaurs and therefore we all know exactly how to counter everyone!

Probably why I struggle so much to beat players who bring in rares and commons you don’t normally see…then they whoop me LOL.


Yeah, there’s always an element of surprise when you face someone like that. I have something special on the team myself =)

Try to build a team so that you have at least 2 (better 3) counters in your 8 to every meta dino (or at least to the strongest ones). Then in most cases you’ll get a counter in your team of 4. Then it’s up to you to not get outplayed and be able to put it against the dino it counters.

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more like… what should happen, doesnt happen.


Sometimes I denitely feel like there’s absolutely no mathematical way some of these things are RNG based. I just got dodged consecutively by Indom, Monomimus, Indoraptor, and then Indom again without landing a single hit.

Earlier I had a level 22 Monomimus dodged like 6 times, took out my Stegodeus and Monomimus. Needless to say, I lost! :slightly_frowning_face:

I faced someone’s level 28 Ankylocodon and I didn’t have my armor piercing dinos… ouch!

Yeah that woulda hurt lol.

I remember the first time I faced that Ankytryk or whatever its called tank, and I didn’t have any shield breakers or nullify dinosaurs left LOL.

It took like 5mins or more just to take it out alone! actually…im not sure if I did manage to kill it come to think of it, I may have lost.
Not 100% sure on that, I was trying to mentally block it out haha!

Emotionally scarred for life from that battle >.<!

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This. All day long. THIS!