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Museum Nest Spawns Idea

I’ve been a little bit bored, ngl, still enjoying the game though, but I just wanted to share this idea, which I think makes sense, you know, I think is pretty cool. Out of all the Nest spawns we’ve had, we never got Museums, I mean the main thing you could relate to with dinosaurs and we never had it. No one mentioned it and maybe people have just never thought about it, maybe it would be annoying, because you have to pay to go in most Museums, but we have had Nest Spawns such as Aquariums for Carbonemys, plus if you really can’t be bothered going inside, just stand outside the front doors and dart the creature.

Now this is where my best proposal comes in, you know Museums can feature/showcase any dino they want, in any country, you know they import in skeletons/models from other countries. What if Museums could spawn every single non-hybrid dino? Yes even Diplo, yes even Allo Gen 2. In the Jurassic Franchise I believe museums would become more for collecting DNA rather then showcasing it to help create creatures, so I reckon it would spice up the game a bit and not everyone would live near a Museum, but we’re all dino fans! Surely we all visit a Museum every now and then, right?


Nice idea. Hope it gets implemented

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It’s educational and could benefit the local tourism too

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