Music for catching DNA?


I was at the park struggling with Blue. I wanted to at least get her to level 12, so I needed 84 DNA per attempt. The first one went well, 85 DNA the second try (I force close the game when I don’t get enough DNA to avoid losing the attempt), so I moved on to the next spot, and I lost like 20 minutes in there trying to get it right but I never got more than 80 DNA. I always play this game while listening to music, and I got frustrated so I closed it and just listened to my music for a while to calm down before trying again. It was a good, calming and rhythmic song, and it was still on when I reopened the game and started shooting at Blue again. This time, I got 100 DNA!

I realized this isn’t the first time it happened. When I’m listening to fast music, even though I love it, it can make me a bit nervous and fail more, however slow and calming music helps me focus and get more DNA. So I thought I’d share my experience in case it’s useful to someone else. I’m also curious: Has this happened to anybody else?


Yeah, music can still play with the game open. When I’d be leaving work, I’d have my phone plugged in my aux port in my car, and turn on the game to see if anything was around. The music played right over it like nothing was happening. It’s nothing bad, I’m pretty sure it’s normal. After all, these smart phones are meant for multitasking, lol.


I like it this way! JWTG would always override what ever you were listening to with the game music! When I am walking around hunting dinosaurs I prefer to listen to my music than the repeating loop of the game music!