Music to dart to

Favourite sound track in the background … ?
Bohemian Rapsody is working so good right now :smile:

She wants revenge - tear you apart. It isn’t my favourite song at all, but it’s in my playlist and always ends up playing when I’m battling… I think it’s fitting.

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Shimmy shimmy ya :grin:

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“Who wants to live forever” … don’t try and battle while blubbing … ends badly

Dragula-rob zombie
Has a nice baseline to keep rhythm


Hit me baby one more time … nice idea but doesn’t work …

Another one bites the dust would be ideal😂


Keeping with the same band, surely ‘Killer Queen’ would be ideal when a Rex appears? :stuck_out_tongue:


Fat bottom girls for rexy? :rofl:

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“I want to ride my bicycle” … thinking of @Calebrys


Or is that someone else … my brain hurts

‘Breakthru’ for Stygimoloch. ^^

Hashtag Do It For The Pun

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A little pat benatar Hit me with your best shot. I wonder if I have that on my drive still lol!

Flash … ah aaah you’ll save every one of us
… just a man …

“We will … we will rock you …”

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Battle Born ffdp

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“No time for losers … because we are the champions”

Lol love that one

Dot your eyes Bring It! Lol love ffdp!

I like big butts and …