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I hope im not the only one that plays with sound really low or off…
I appreciate the theme to “Jurassic Park” BUT, after hours and hours of darting and battles and game play…
I was watching a battle session on youtube and he had really cool music playing INSTEAD!
that would be cool to have a variety of music and soundeffects…
upgrading and evolving…some dino sound effects… (dimetrodon, opia…koola…ect.
just an idea


Just turn music off and keep efx in and run Spotify or Apple Music in the background. I like to listen to old d+b on night hunts. It goes well with the drone sounds.


It actually would be nice to have other music. They could use other calm themes in the map and battle/danger themes in battle. Especially considering the locations in the arenas, they could have specific music play for each one.