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Musings of an Alliance Member Part 1


A great new feature was added in 1.5, Alliances! Yes, it can be a bit glitchy at times; yes, we would like to see it developed further with Alliance objectives, etc. but all in all, a great addition.

I’m not going to have another Sand Dunes love fest, or go on about the balance between giving and receiving but instead want to dwell on what I call Alliance “Projects”.

After the initial excitement and glut of DNA, things quietened down a bit - yes, you can still request that DNA that everyone needs (for my Alliance that’s Dilo G1 & G2, Dimetrodon, Deinocheirus, Tuojiango, Tenonto, …) but you ask for that every request and its going to wear a bit thin; so what can you do to maximise those requests? Have a “Project”.

Request that DNA that isn’t local to your local but most people have lots of, or at the very least those in that local can dart an extra one or two for you (they’re probably sick of darting them for no good reason). For me it was Suchotator - I had 40K+ Irritator Gen 2 but Suchomimus is not in my local. My Suchotator was L21 (just before Christmas) and a stalwart of my team - so I made it my “Project” to level it and started using the majority of my requests for Suchomimus (occasionally Suchotator but as I had the Irritator Gen 2 DNA I would get 2000 mimus and fuse around 1000 on average so that was better than 500 tator). Requests are filled within minutes - under a minute in one instance - and my Suchotator is now L27 (joint highest in my team and kicking names and taking ass very nicely)

I wouldn’t have a lot of my uniques yet without my Alliance but for me, my Suchotator is the real gem. I’m still working on it but am also looking for another “Project” (while I restock on Irritator G2) - I have my eye on my L21 Monolometrodon for my next project (ok - I’ll stop using the quotes now - its even annoying me).

I think everyone should have a project to make the best use of their daily requests and keep things fresh - I know others do - whether its levelling Owen’s raptor squad or trying to predict the next hybrid.

What is your project? Or alternatively, what do you think you get out of your Alliance that others may have missed?


Red diplocaulus. That is one of my asks when I don’t want to ask for the same thing repeatedly.

I like his movement and stats think he will do well if leveled and nobody else on my team uses him . And now with him being in event I can score hearty DNA donations.

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Interesting choice - don’t think I have ever seen one in the arena - good SIA; what level is it now?


The issue that I’ve noticed is twofold. On one hand everyone wants the same DNA especially when new hybrids pop up. On the other hand you give out far more DNA than you will ever give back. Which is fine because it helps your Alliance members but you are on a diminishing returns. It feels like I’m being gyped a little bit.

Now and again I ask for the DNA I really need but I’ve taken to asking for the dinosaurs I have at the lowest levels in an attempt to get everything to at least 15th. As these are frequently rare that people don’t see it use it has helped.


I love that Inifinity War reference😂

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Glad someone caught it :laughing: :+1:



At first I used to request dinos I needed to improve my team or dinos I needed to create hybrids I didn’t have yet. Now that I can’t request epic dna for two dinos I still havent created I have these last couple weeks requested dna for possible hybrids.


We’ve noticed - you sly dog you :wink:


I ask for deacorex gen 2 a lot. Love that swap in attack! I put mirigia on my team today- that’ll be my future ask now - it’s worth all that coin :wink:


What level is your Miragaia now?


Isn’t Miragaia garbage the way it is?

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My current project is levelling my Dimodactylus. Due to work constraints I can’t hunt for Dimorphodon much and I’m usually too tired to hunt Tupandactylus. The best I can usually manage is to grab a few on the way to and from work or hope for good placement of Special Event drops.

Another project I have on the back burner so to speak is Dsungaripterus. When I feel that requesting more Dimo or Tupa would be pushing it, I ask for Dsun and stockpile the DNA. I have the intention of levelling it up someday after a quick back-of-the-napkin maths revealed that it has the potential to do more damage than Draco Gen 2 after a swap in. It will be my “taking revenge on players for using a Draco Gen 2 without having to use a Draco Gen 2” dino. :joy:

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Interesting moves - Swap In Ferocity followed by Ferocious Strike followed by Defense Shattering Strike could be pretty devastating if you can make it work - faster than Draco G2 as well.


Here is the orginal post where I came to that conclusion:


my project was also suchotator. took mine from 20 to 25 in no time thanks to the great peeps of sanddunes. currently i only ask for my next dino up to get leveled. 8f i dont have anything close then ill stock up on random things or components to the upcoming new dinos. one thing i dont like to do is ask for high demand stuff: tent, dime, irri, dilo etc… for those i try to live off my own land like i have been. if i see someone is in a bind ill help out but since i dont ask for it i cant really give it either.

projects are good especially when your team gets to about 25 and up. you get bored and you want to test things out. i wish that one day we can use more then 8 dinos so that i van add my projects in there.


:fist: respect to another Suchotator lover.

I think its nice to keep the high demand stuff for special occasions, e.g. “I need 200 to get it to a level up” - and let people know this. Ramps up the love.

I will just stress that all this is just my personal opinion and have no issues with anyone who chooses to use their Alliance differently (within reason of course :smile: no one loves someone who takes but doesn’t give).


Agree… no one has extra high demand DNA to spare, but will often share a little (or more) for a special request (needed to unlock, level…), especially if the person asking has been generous with donations.

With help from my alliance my Suchotator is now 28… heading toward 29 :smile:


For me, it’s whatever dino I don’t have much of and might be getting a hybrid. Things like Tany or Iguanodon get me a lot more DNA than, say, T-Rex Gen2.

Although lately, I barely get any, if any at all, DNA from my alliance, regardless of what I ask for. Lots of asks. 49/50 members. Very few DNA is given out to anyone. I wish we could see which members are actually handing out DNA, or at least give a better incentive other than a few coins.


I’ve also been a huge fan of Suchotator ever since I first unlocked her (come to think of it, she may have even been my first hybrid). Mine is currently 19 and I’m gathering as much Suchomimus as I can to get her to 20, but since I live in L4 I don’t think it’s fair me asking my alliance for help on this one though I do share some when others request.

If I don’t have much DNA to give I often request dinos others don’t want. As my alliance’s resident “bird brain” I make a habit of requesting any of the pterosaurs to help others gather up a bit of coin. I don’t know if this is actually helping to any great degree but I just adore the pterosaurs. I would quite happily level them all to 30 if I could just to be able to say I did but that would be a silly idea. If only they were more viable in combat as well as pretty to look at.