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Must be I forgot how to battle

I’ve been playing since shortly after the release of JWA.

I’ve reached mid Library and was there for a good month.

Now I’m mid Aviary, same team and getting pounded hard by teams I have no chance of beating, along with terrible RNG.

After a few losses I get a pity match that I am matched with somebody that is saddled with my previous RNG and matchmaking, so I get to destroy them for 1 match, and back to the overwhelming show of force and bad RNG.

I should just chalk it up to I forgot how to battle… absolutely nothing wrong with this game.

This is beyond ridiculous what I’m seeing. It’s unlike anything I’ve experienced in my almost 2 years of playing. Must be I’m just no good at battle and forgot how to do it.

I am defeated, and not at all considering spending money. Is this truly what Ludia wants?

I find it hard to believe they see nothing wrong with matchmaking, despite the lack of players in arena, and the multitude of complaints.

Is it really that hard to fix??? Is this how they wanted it to be???

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They should have found a different way to get boosts. Maybe PVE or something. Because current boost prices and the ease of incubator boost obtainment in Aviary causes droppers.

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