Must release more species from park

There are too little park in city area and had too many species occurs in park only. There are no chance to dart those species. Release more species to globe please.


This is what they do to slow people down from leveling up certain dino’s too fast. They put them in parks where only few can get to them.

For example, Stegodeus. There were too many people with Stegodeus’s and leveling them up too fast so they moved the Stegosaurus’s to parks so they are pretty much dead to leveling now. This includes Stegoceratops and Sinoceratops. So three tanks killed off in one blow.

I would agree to this as well.
Remembers back to patch 1.1 and 1.2 when Postosuchus, although classified as only a rare spawn, was actually one of the hardest dinos in the game to find.

It was because he was park only AND night only back then. Most parks close around 9pm so you had to tresspass to get Posto DNA.

Of course now you cant help but trip over them in the wild.

I agree with your theory. Before this latest update, they made it almost impossible to level up Stegodeus because they moved Apatosaurus to Dawn and Dusk only. That meant it was only spawning for three total hours a day and at a time of day that most people are either busy or sleeping. I made consistent special efforts to hunt during the whole time of dusk and dawn and yet I was still lucky if I came away with 3 or 4 spawns. Now, they’ve made it impossible to level by moving Stegosaurus to the park, as you said, and they’ve brought back the Apatosaurus. This means that the Stegodeus has not been able to be leveled for the most part for the last two releases…

I would rather that they changed the amount of DNA needed to be some ridiculous amount required and still have spawns than to make it impossible to catch certain dinosaurs at all. It’s just frustrating not to be able to make any progress, even if it’s only a little bit!

Very true indeed.
The arenas was swarmed by Stegod. Now hopefully we can see less Stegod in the arenas (pity the newbies though).

Good move by the Dev. Now it is time to move Diloracheirus, Gorgo, Karpo, Suchomimus, Irritator G2 and some others to the park…
Otherwise, the arenas will be swarmed by Dilo the Unique, Spinota, et. al.

My view is, if the game serves you lemons, make lemonade… I am currently leveling up Suchotator, because the ingredients are so readily available. Have got her to level 25.7 and will be taking her to level 26 today or tomorrow. Prior to that, I was leveling Allosaurus, now level 27. People will scoff at my choices, but, hey, I rarely if ever see Sinoceratops or other epics required to get Lamborghini-level legendaries or uniques… So, need to do something to keep the game interesting… Currently at mid 4.8k, battling teams with 2-3 uniques, but holding my ground well. Only unique on my team is a level 24 Indoraptor. Bottom line is, don’t be fashion victims, work with what you have or can easily obtain and work on improving your benched dinos with better move sets.

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It’s not just Stegododeus that is affected though. I can’t level up my Monostegatops either. It doesn’t just slow down progress, it’s makes it so that we can’t make any progress. I go to the parks all the time and still don’t see them. It’s too drastic of a change.