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I’m the leader of my alliance. Does anyone know if I choose to mute someone in my alliance, does it just mute that person for me or for everyone?

I have players who keep begging for DNA and it’s getting annoying. I want to avoid kicking them out because they really haven’t done anything wrong and they contribute DNA to others and help with alliance missions.

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Just asking them to stop doesn’t work? :thinking:

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Unfortunately not. They stop for a while and start back up again.


Yes! I’ve had the same issues… hopefully someone answers

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It will mute that person just for you…


What kinds of things will they say while begging?Consider it morbid curiosity.


It’s on a daily basis that they post (not just request) about what DNA they need. Things like, “I need my first legendary so donate plz. John I gave you some, same with Mary. Jack too.” (Names have been changed.) It bothers me that they imply specific people in our alliance owe them for donating, even if they don’t expressly say it. I remind everyone that they are not obligated to donate.

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Wow. I actually try to encourage this. My philosophy is that if you ask and see who has what, it’ll be easier to get what you want. I don’t encourage implying people owe you, obviously. lol I have this in my Alliance description, actually. I hope everything works out! At least you didn’t have one guy literally announce in the chat that he was leaving because of the one time no one donated to him… And now it’s probably looking like I’m trying to make this about myself. :sweat_smile:


I once told my alliance I only need one donation of a certain dino to level one up. I told them “DONT GIVE ME MORE THAN ONE HIT” The nerve of my alliance, they maxed it. Ugh I was so mad


ImpossibleMephit, that’s an interesting approach! I do have one other person who constantly posts that he needs raptor DNA, but to no avail, no one wants to give up that one. I’m not worried about him though, he never targets people. I never considered encouraging posting. Now that I think about it, our comments last forever and requests dissapear.

Sean_Tes, that sounds like a rough life, I’m sorry man. The audacity of some people!

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Thank you Anthony!


Everyone wants the same DNA, and requests go unfulfilled.


Me? I ask for Diplo and Einio, it gets maxed out in a half hour, yet everyone requests Velo, Tarbo, etc.


I know!!! Sand Dunes always has a way of satisfying me

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Implying anyone owes them anything would annoy me too.

Communicating who you donate to as it happens works well for our alliance. Same with looking at who donated as you collect then thanking them by name if you feel inclined. I like to do that when I’m not feeling lazy (35% of the time or so) but it’s out of genuine gratitude and never to point out who didn’t. It’s also good because you see that even if someone isn’t donating to you, they are at least making donations to others. I’ll gladly donate what I can to anyone who I’ve seen making donations to the alliance even if I can’t recall them donating to me.

It’s unknown to me if there’s even anyone who never donates in our alliance. I don’t worry about it, I just keep doing my part will full faith that others are paying it forward, and it’s working out great for us.


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We have some who agree to always request/donate with each other for certain area exclusives. For example I live in l3 and another member lives in l2, so we just swap out Draco and tri gen 2 at least once if not twice a day