Muting a member

Hi, random question. If I were to mute someone who keeps bombarding with raids and never follow strats - do i only mute them from my notifications? Or fully in the game? Thanks in advance.

When they invite you to a raid, there’s three buttons in the invite. Accept Invite, Decline Invite, and Mute. Click mute to mute that person’s raid invites. I believe this’ll work, but I’m unsure.

Okay. Cause its for another member who told me they have muted the person in question but is still getting these raid invites. The person doesn’t even join our discord server and doesn’t seem to read any messages :roll_eyes:

If you don’t want to lose your time, just kick them out of the alliance. There is so much effort one can do.

Yeh that was my 1st thought to be honest haha

A lot of my alliance ppl don’t follow raid strats because they’re too lazy to install discord
Just ignore the invites like i do
After a while they stop inviting :slightly_smiling_face:

or if it keeps coming…

when you get raid invite press mute
when they suddenly change their minds
go to the alliance member you muted and press unmute

Not everyone wants to be involved with forms of social media, in my case due to the nature of my disability. Fortunately my alliances leaders account for this with me & I ensure my usefulness by heavily contributing yo alliance & sticking to raids where I wouldn’t need yo be carried.