Mutiplier counter when catching dinosaurs


I have an idea which can subconsciously teach kids/people their multiplication tables… if you add a multiplyer counter where it shows how many point you get as you get them, it could subconsciously teach uncommon multiples…

Example… when catching a dinosaur that gets 11 points per direct hit, you could have the multiplier day 11,22,33,44,55… and so on with each number no matter what it is. This won’t directly teach anyone anything but if your playing the game enough your mind will register the numbers the more often that you see them, subconsciously teaching you and your kids how to do some multiplication tables… just another way to promote the educational side of this game


I love ideas like this - bringing real life benefits to individuals through gaming is perfect.

When ever I’m banging out darts, I try and add up my total whilst i’m shootin’ and what attracted me to JWA in the 1st place was the exercise aspect.

The more we can use things like this to become healthier, the better - it surprises me that there are not fitness apps and those kinds of businesses trying to partner up with the developers of these AR games!