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Mutual Fury glitch or my error?

This has happened to me twice. Facing opposing Indo G2 with my own G2. Their speeds were 140 both times, mine is 138. When I MF on my second move I don’t get the speed arrow. Am I in error here? Thanks for your answers in advance.

Did you use Cautious strike before MF?

What was the exact turn order for the both of you?

Yes they CS first, then I CS, then they CS, then I MF’ed.

They’ve used two cautious strikes, so get two 10% speed increases.

Cautious strikes’ speed boost lasts for 2 turns and they stack if you use 2 in a row.

So both of you ended up with a double speed-buff. If you had buffed once and your opponent hadn’t at all, or if you had buffed twice and your opponent had buffed once, you would have outsped them.
But since both of y’all were buffed by the same percentage, the one with higher base speed obviously remained the fastest.

Thanks Dinoguy, much appreciated

Thanks for the clarification

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