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Mutual Fury Use

So I have a few different dinos that have this. Im curious as to when to use it because every time I try my dino gets demolished. Do health boosts need to be added to my dino or am I using it at the wrong time? Help please!!

it works in raids for group damage and speed increase. In the arena, you can use to cleanse decelerate and damage over time, and then regain a speed advantage

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it works best for indoraptor gen 2 compared to indominus rex gen 2 and the pigs

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Some maths need to be considered here, mutual fury gives you both a damage buff and gives you a 10% speed buff. You want to use it when you’re a bit slower than your opponent so after using it you’re faster. Let’s say you have 110 speed, after using the move your creature will be 121 speed (110+11). If you’re up against an opponent between 111 and 120 speed, it will help you gain priority after using it, with extra damage. Remember both sides gains a damage buff (1 turn for opponent and 2 turns for yourself) so you don’t want to use it first (so you get a big hit from opponent) or use it when you’re unable to 1 shot opponent even after you’re buffed, you want to be able to 1 shot opponent after using it. A good example would be using against speedsters when you’re entelochops


The times I used it (I had indo g2 on my team) is when you were slower or decelerated. Wouldn’t recommend using it in other situations tho, because that would result in death.


Mutual fury also cleanses your negative abilities, so if you’re slowed it is also a very useful move as you will be back to being faster next turn and you now gain 2 turn of damage buff, sometimes its good for revenging because you’re both faster and stronger the turn after which gives your opponent trouble

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Yea I have used my indo g2 against ardentis and sometimes it killed ardentis with a impact and mutual fury.

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I really love this move as its fun to use and requires a little bit more skill but unfortunately none of the creatures with this ability is currently meta relevant

Thank you everyone!!

Another scenario it’s useful in is when the opponent uses a priority move like Instant Invincibility Taunt or Instant Distraction. Of course, you need to be sure that you’ll be faster the next turn.

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Nice, Thanks!!

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You should use it if your slowed down, slower than your opponet, or if you can predict that they would go for a heal/instant distraction.

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In the epic hybrid tournomaents I love to use mutual fury against sarcorixis. I just love watching it get 1 shoted.

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Use mutual fury, when indoraptor g2 loses peed control than distract to help take away the given damage boost to the opponent

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*speed I meant

Awesome thanks!

yeah but mutual fury is pretty usefull in the epic hybrid tounroments.