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Mutual fury

What is this why would one creature give boosts to another

Maybe they want to share the fluff?

Seriously, probably so it would be a high risk but high reward move.

And also so it wouldn’t be too over powered.


This is completely against any bottom line standard this game goes off of

i guess if you have enough health to take a boosted hit you will be guaranteed dealing a one shot death for it

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That is star wars

you dont have to use this move though. but in certain situations, like facing low damage tanks it would destroy them

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stop posting that kinda stuff. If I could flag them I would.

That thread title is one funny typo! :rofl:


Read the description of the move carefully. It speeds up the user by 10%, and it is not a priority move. This means that in certain situations, you can outspeed your opponent out of nowhere, buff your damage and one-shot them before they get to hit you.
Also, it buffs the user’s damage for 2 turns, allowing you to Cloak immediately afterwards and attack before the buff wears off.


Good point, I guess it is kind of cool to see 2 dinosaurs / creatures go crazy for a couple minutes

You cannot do that.
If you Cloak after Mutual Furry (MF), the damage dealing attack will be the third turn, so the MF will wear off.
If you use Cloak first then MF, the Cloak is gone. Because MF is an attack.
From what I understand your opponent should do MF when you Cloak, then you will be able to deal more than 4x damage in one turn.

Well that’s a pain, having to rely on the other player’s fury to get that insane fury+cloak damage buff

Why does it have cleanse

To be honest I’ve looked at this new move and can only guess they came up with it as they were running out of other options.

It does absolutely no damage until the next turn, and unless you’re up against a non boosted slow Dino you simply give it a 50% more damage attack on you. A 10% speed increase on your Dino takes your Indominus up to 118, hardly quick is it?

So you hit the next time if you survive with a 3x attack, the same as a cloak which doesn’t boost your opponent.

It would be useful if the indominus wasn’t already immune to all negative effects. Why would a Dino that’s immune to everything need cleanse? Or am I missing something…

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Could be an excuse for IndoG2 to have it.

I literally just created Indoraptor gen2 to see if it’s more useful for that.
And I’m undecided as cautious strike reduces opponents damage by 50% instead of increasing it by 50%, and it does a 1x damage as well as cleansing and speeding up.

So mutual fury will only be used if the Dino you’re up against is extremely slow and doesn’t have much of an attack.

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I’m home from work and need 10 battles to complete the daily on my one account. I will try the mutual fury out as I can and see how it will be useful. Since both Indom and Indo have it and I have them both, I should get a good amount of experiments.

Holy Moly! I just one shotted two of my own dino’s in a row with the fury but I wasn’t so much trying to beat myself. I just wanted to see what it did.

It’s pretty funny to use it against Dracoceratops when you know it’s next move will be regen


I want to see this happen. :laughing:

Use this move when facing a creature with less than 10% more speed than u, and u cant kill them this turn. It’s not actually too bad, but ofc cloak is better. But for example, lets just say ur using indoraptor g2.
Ur indoraptor has 128 speed, and ur fighting erlidominus witth 132 speed. It is the first turn of the whole battle. Since erlidom is faster, use mutual fury. You will go after the erlidominus on this turn, so its damage this turn to u is normal. Next turn, now u’re faster cuz mutual fury gives u a speed boost. Now, with boosted damage, u may proceed to rampage one shot that erlidominus. Or i mean u could just use cautious strike to speedup and then rampage, since cautious strike is so good. But i was just giving an example for the use of mutual fury that wouldnt actually benefit ur opponent. Plus this way if they try to switch their next dino takes a huge hit. On indominus you can basically just use it as if it were a speedup move, since indom g2 doesnt have cautious.