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My 1.9 wishlist

Bug fixes:

Disconnects (sadly I have to call out a few ways):

  • Connected to match. Suddenly screen flashes stating you won or lost. Match is still in progress though.
  • Connected to match. Suddenly screen flashes back to home screen. Match is still going on though, if you close/open the app.
  • Upon relogging into these matches, just enough time has passed to ensure that my default move was selected (can we up the time to 20 seconds?) AND I can’t see my abilities or my dinos.
  • Searching for match. Find opponent. Wait 60 seconds,. Times out. Queue up again. Find opponent. Wait 60 seconds. Time out again. Finally find opponent AND connect on 3rd try.
  • After any combo of the above, after the match touch-screen stops responding in app. Have to close/reopen the app to get it to respond again.

The combo of the above along with the terrible state of mm make it really really not fun right now. More bugs:

  • ~ and run, when used against instant invincibility, causes the shield to stay up.
  • ~ and run, when used against an opponent on last turn of evasive stance, adds a turn to evasive stance (actually had an indo re-use it before it wore off).

Balance changes:

Remove any of the following from the rat:

  • Rampage (the move, not the SIA. Or give it a rampage with a delay)
  • Regenerate (or give it a 2 turn delay, or implement the next suggestion)
  • Acute stun

Also reduce the rats health. The nerf to crit (and the fact my thor rarely crits anyway) means this thing is really hard to kill turn on - on anything other than maybe an erl.

Note I’m all for keeping SIR.

MM changes:

If your goal is to make the game “fair” by using some algorithm for team strength - fine. Go ahead. But cut it off at arena 4. The training wheels should be off by then anyway. Above that, folks should not need “protecting”. Go back to 100% trophy count.

That’s it. That’s all I want for 1.9. No new dinos. No new features. Just the above.


Very well said.

I think another good change for Draco would be to change its heal to 25% health instead of 50%.


The “X and run” against shield and evasive bug is very annoying.
I can stay with non-battle bug but this one just create an unfair advantage for the shield/evasive stance users.

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Yeah, it’s pretty broken.

I’d like to suggest that regeneration should not remove lockdown/pinned condition. That would help balance out Dracoceratops a bit more.


That would be awesome! Didn’t think of that.

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  • for god’s sake, fix those game bugs. what other companies ignore so many bugs this way? :scream:

  • set matchmaker back to 1.6 trophies only. team strenght doesn’t encourage us of leveling or boosting any creature. create other mechanisms to encourage people of not drop arenas purposely.

  • change fuse to fixed dna ammounts (don’t you were trying to reduce random aspect, like what did with crit and dodge?).

  • do something with boosts. we have this forum filled with many suggestions.

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My Wish:

  • A separate none boosted arena with its own trophy counts with a pre 1.7 matching system where we can play true skill based strategic battles again. This should be easy as you already do this for tournaments.

  • Leave the boosted arena where we can go to be mean, nasty, cold, rotten, cruel, heartless and insensitive.

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thats hurts dilorach and rinex vs tryko matchups
If a dino is literally doing something to (itself) (ferocity, invincibility, etc) as priority (especially swap-in abilities), x and run move makes the action for the dino last an additional turn. annoying, but won me +150 trophies.

This may affect other dinos with Regeneration.

I’d like to see priority moves go before swap in moves, primarily as a Dracorat counter. You can usually tell when its coming, and to be able to hit it with instant distract or invincibility would even the field up a lot.

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Yes but only in the same way as I am suggesting for Dracoceratops. If you are pinned then Regenerate should not remove that condition.

Agreed. I think the order should be:

New dinosaur swaps in.
Priority move by existing dinosaur if any.
Swap in ability triggers.
Normal move by existing dinosaur if any.

Actually that would cause only more problems. Thor could IC Dracocera, stun it and kill it without damage taken.

@wrothgar They could change Dracocera Regeneration with Adrenaline pulse.

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Fine - so could plenty of others. Really don’t see this as an issue.

With Thor you either nerf him spectacularly, remove boosts, or build up viable Tyrant tier with distraction. I can’t see the first two happening, and they seem to have tried the third a bit. He is a bit of a problem, but I’m finding my Thor less effective as speed boosts balance out a bit.

I think it should be:

New dino swaps in
First move would be a priority move by existing dino if one is used, if no priority is used then first move is carried out by the fastest of the two dinos.


With counters Thor isn’t such a problem. Though many threads were posted about too powerful Thor. So with IC going first before swap in move, there would be another wave of complaints.

As GPx said, priority moves used before opponents decide to swap in another dino, should go first, otherwise swap in move first.

That works too. I just don’t think swap-in effects should get the priority.

I say Thor is no prob, but I’ve just been trounced by a tier 7 boosted one and had no chance.

Yeah, there would be complaints, but people complain about anything. Most swap in moves are effects rather than damage so wouldn’t be impacted by distraction or shields.

I see the swap out and then the swap in move as two moves for the opponent. If you decide to swap out, I get why that goes before a priority move, coz otherwise all priority moves would be tantamount to pinning moves. I just don’t think it is fair that a swap in move then gets precedence also.

It’s reasonable. However, Swap-in Invincibility becomes useless. There should be some kind of fix to it.

Going back to trophies only for mm would be the worst. That’s how we got in this situation. The tourney we had that rewarded the most trophies gained. What happened? High levels dropped on purpose to climb up and get more trophies. Plus they drop down to farm incubators so trophies only will not fix mm. Trophies should be removed from equation.

Give us 4 ai instant battles a day. No need to wait. Will allow those scared of arena to come in and work on DBI and get something. Can even make it a token you get from a battle, drop, or daily incubator. You want trophies or more, then normal arena proceeds. Still get ai option after 30 sec.

Fix mm by only assigning score to highest dino on team. Have a 26 with 5 20s, well you could get matched up against a team full of 26s. Forces people to balance out team. Side note: calculate boosts into equation. So theoretically a lvl 20 with tier 7 boosts should have higher value than a 25 with none. Will make people keep more level teams and not be afraid to branch out to new dinos.

Set the parameters of finding a battle closer. If you assign a point value off team strength then only fight plus or minus so many points. Keep team levels closer. It’s not fun to get matched up against a team 200 points higher than you because they happen to barely fall into the range and you don’t want them to not have someone to battle.

Personally I say remove boosts from arena battles until they can figure out better mm. Leave them for tourneys and strikes.

Give alliance leaders powers to assign roles to members so they can help.

Fix the 100 bugs that have been in game since near beginning of introduction. Alliance chat, friendly battles, connections, etc.

I have a lot of ideas a few of us talk about in discord but most of these will fix most of the issues with the game.

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