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My 1.9 wishlist

I’ll keep on saying this until it becomes a featture to the game: add nicknames

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I don’t understand why people want nicknames? It doesn’t serve any purpose in the game. If it was added, I don’t want to see what other people name their dinosaurs.

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Instead of nicknames i’d rather they do stuff like… oh I dunno… fix the alliance chat? Priorities people!


And pretty much every other bug too? :joy:

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Make speed boost to only fix the speed ties rather than adding actual speed. So If I put 60 speed boosts on 109 speed Thor and the next guy Thor only has 59, I would go first. Or if I put out my 109 Thor with 60 speed boosts and another person put out their 109 speed Tenontorex with 65 speed boosts applied, they would go first but both our speeds stay at 109 no matter how many speed boost apply.


No system will work for matchmaking until they will use averages. Till then matchmaking based on trophies would be best, eventhough its also not working entirely as it should.

Forcing players to have balanced team is problematic in lower arenas, as many of them have unbalanced team cause they constantly creating new better dinos.


That is somewhat true but basing it on trophies alone means I can drop down to 1k trophies and take my 22 to 24 team and fight 10s to 12s. How is that better. And again what it will do is keep people from using their lvl 21 unique with 15s and 16s to finish team because the could get matched up against a team full of uniques.

There really isnt a correct way to do this without having an exploit. Maybe do avg of top 2 dinos. But I wouldnt go any farther than that. There are already teans with 28s and 10s just to get favorable matchups.

The only other way to fix arenas is to have a level limit and boost limit per. But that can also screw over players who are stuck in an arena with higher than allowed dinos but cant use them to get out.

One thing I would suggest in addition to level and boost limits is this. Once you get to a new arena, you unlock it. You can return to it at any time, but you start at the bottom trophies. If you lose you just stay at the bottom. That way you can drop down to farm lower arenas if you want but have to use lower dinos and you can return to your rightful arena anytime but you just start at the bottom again.

Not sure how feasible that would work but I’m sure with some tweaks it could set up nicely

Regarding dracocera, it might require more than just one adjustment. I’m considering two - remove acute stun, and replace regenerate with adrenaline pulse (as @Dinotris suggests. Great suggestion!)


Oh another 1.9 wishlist item. Reduce the strike timer down to either the standard 15 sec or maybe 60 sec max. That way when the game glitches out and you have to restart you dont have to wait 5 min to do a move.

For the rat I propose scrapping the swap in ability altogether and give it a Stigymoloch moveset of nothing but shield strikes.


Anything with Instant or swap in invincibility should share the same nerf as Evasive Stance and Cloaking. It only seems fair that if it is done with one that it be done with the other.

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Definitely would prevent the swap out and swap in cheapshotting that seems to be the go to for the unskilled players.

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Did anybody mention “Speed tie”?
It is one of the most advantage to those who sit close to the game server.

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There’s so many lol most mentioned already thousands of time on the forum.

Rat: The biggest problem of the game and the crutch that should be gone.

The swap in move should be nerfed below what it was before 1.8 not go back, it should be lower. This game should not be decided by a common legendary easy to get crutch dino. If so buff monolometrodon to match it since its a common legendary also.

Regen can’t unpin

Matchmaking- Seriously stop making me fight lvl 27-30 boosted dinos with my lvl 23-24 team. It’s even worse when they have indestructible rats with way higher leveled dinos. Everyone in my trophy range should battle me. I shouldn’t get put up against monster teams to try to motivate me to buy boosts.

Alliance tools…

Fix Pachy: hybrid redesigned or optional hybrid away from cenzoics. Head charge move over shield strike.

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Except the usual(and most needed) like :

Bug Fixes

Lots of People wants player vs player battles but they cannot find one :



Whenever a player is online and available.Instead of pressing the battle button,he can enter the Challenger Mode.There he will be available to be seen by everyone in the game (like in the friend list) and be challenged.He can be challenged by level 1 players or by players at similar Trophy Count.If the player is ± 300 trophy count the earnings or losing trophies will be the same as usual.If the difference is bigger the losing party will not suffer trophy loss. @TheMaxx @Idgt902 How is this sound as suggestion?

to be continued

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I like the idea of challenger mode.

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That’s not a bad idea. I could see that working well but it would need something to stop it from being abused. We already know of one alliance who tries to feed each other trophies during tournaments. They would definitely abuse that feature to endlessly boost their ranks.

Lets leave Ludia make some thinking.I bet they could come up with an idea.
There is an idea :
The challengers could not be from the same alliance.

Create a disposable Alliance and move a few members to that so they can challenge them and let them win. It would basically be the same feeding them wins thing.

Yeah I pictured that too. Can’t have nothing nice anymore because people can’t be modest. I can’t think of a way around it…