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My 1.9 wishlist

Sure ,you have a point.But always some people will find a way to abuse the system.I cannot police them or not have new features because they can ruin them.


Lol you shall add some dinosaurs.:joy::sunglasses:


Epic Trading

Trading not Donation.
I know…i know spoofers.

But what if we have FIXED TRADES

100 Kentro for 100 Anky and 10 Dinodollars per transaction
100 Darwin for 100 T-Rex and 10 Dinodollars per transaction
400 Velociraptor for 400 Tarbo and 10 Dinodollars per transaction
200 Tunja for 200 Dimetrodon and 10 Dinodollars per transaction

Even spoofers would have to sacrifice important DNA to get something plus the Dinodollars
Every week Fixed Trades would change
And there will be a limit in every day trades (maybe 1 epic,3 Rare ,5 Common)


Epic Dinos to Legendary to Unique
A T-Rex can be legendary at level 21 with 10% boost at Health and Damage and One Ability to be added.Then T-Rex can be Unique at level 26 with 10% boost at Health and Damage. DinoBucks will be needed for the creation.

So more Real Dinos in upper arena and more Variety.(Ofcourse the Unique hybrids will be better )
So some rural players can benefit from that.


Conquest Mode
We already know that lots of Dinosaurs are territorial,so there will be no problem with the lore of the game.There will be scattered hexagons in the map.Every Hexagon will represent the territory of a Dinosaur.To conquest a Hexagon we walk there and have a fight with bots in Strike towers.After we conquer it we put our name on the Hexagon.To start a battle in a Hexagon we need to pay coins and Hard cash.There will be info or a picture of the Dinos that are resident there.So we can choose what Hexagon will be conquered,to benefit from the Dinos inside the hexagon.Every Hexagon that has been conquered after 24h that belongs to us,it will give us some amount of the Dino Dna that residents there daily.

That benefits exploration to find hexagons with our desired Dinos at the moment.
There will be a cap of how much hexagons we can have at the same time.
The hexagons will belong to us for a week,after that it would reset.
The territory after a week will vanish.

In this example.There is a territory with Brachiosaurus.We batlle the strike tower with a Lord Brachi or 3 overboosted Brachis to conquer the Hexagon.After we beat it,it will belong to us for a week.Every 24hrs it will give us 100 Brachi Dna.
Now that this territory(hexagon) is ours , we will fill the strike tower with a team of 4 Dinos(like sanctuaries).These Dinos cannot be used in battles.So now we are prepared for DEFEND MODE.


Defend Mode

After conquering the hexagon and put our four Dinos in there,starts the Defend phase.
Other players will try to conquer our Strike tower to take advantage of the Dino Dna.There will be a battle, opponent player vs AI unless at the exact time we are online and able to defend it ourselves.


Incubators Give us the ability to choose the Dinos from a pool you have provided,reward will pop up with 2 or 3 choices(for Commons,Rares and Epics)

8 : 15000 coins
7: 24 Darts
6: 3220 Stego or 3220 Apato or 3220 Lythronax (we choose one reward)
5: 2500 Sarco or 2500 Tany or 2500 Dilo Gen 2 (we choose one reward)
4: 250 Echo or 250 Dracorex or 250 Agentino (we choose one reward)
3: 400 Tenonto or 400 Megalo or 400 T-Rex 2 (we choose one reward)
2: 200 Sino or 200 Kentro or 200 T-Rex (we choose one reward)
1: 300 Anky or 300 Ourano or 300 Secondo (we choose one reward)

And that’s it for my wishlist (suggestions) for 1.9
Probably they will never be implemented because of the complexity,but we must hope.

One last thing,i would like to know if any of the Support Members or Moderators have passed or will pass this suggestion to the Development team.If you cannot answer or the suggestions have fallen to deaf ears,just leave this thread to take its course to oblivion.
Thanks in advance