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My 1.9 wishlists

Bug fixes:

Disconnects (sadly I have to call out a few ways):

  • Connected to match. Suddenly screen flashes stating you won or lost. Match is still in progress though.
  • Connected to match. Suddenly screen flashes back to home screen. Match is still going on though, if you close/open the app.
  • Upon relogging into these matches, just enough time has passed to ensure that my default move was selected (can we up the time to 20 seconds?) AND I can’t see my abilities or my dinos.
  • Searching for match. Find opponent. Wait 60 seconds,. Times out. Queue up again. Find opponent. Wait 60 seconds. Time out again. Finally find opponent AND connect on 3rd try.
  • After any combo of the above, after the match touch-screen stops responding in app. Have to close/reopen the app to get it to respond again.

The combo of the above along with the terrible state of mm make it really really not fun right now. More bugs:

  • ~ and run, when used against instant invincibility, causes the shield to stay up.
  • ~ and run, when used against an opponent on last turn of evasive stance, adds a turn to evasive stance (actually had an indo re-use it before it wore off).

Balance changes:

Remove any of the following from the rat:

  • Rampage (the move, not the SIA. Or give it a rampage with a delay)
  • Regenerate (or give it a 2 turn delay, or implement the next suggestion)
  • Acute stun

Also reduce the rats health. The nerf to crit (and the fact my thor rarely crits anyway) means this thing is really hard to kill turn on - on anything other than maybe an erl.

Note I’m all for keeping SIR.

MM changes:

If your goal is to make the game “fair” by using some algorithm for team strength - fine. Go ahead. But cut it off at arena 4. The training wheels should be off by then anyway. Above that, folks should not need “protecting”. Go back to 100% trophy count.

New creatures: mamenchisaurus, chasmosaurus, more later

That’s it, that is all I want for 1.9. No new features, just the above


Here’s my wishlist-

  1. Bug fixes
  2. Bug fixes

  3. (You get my point.)
    I want all the bugs squashed in 1.9, and I don’t want the update if we don’t get any.

Unpopular opinion:
Big fast updates with lots of cool dinosaurs and awesome hybrids, even at the expense of some bug fixes

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Naaaaahhhhh… I hate The bugs- they need to go. Also lol dragon, I only just figured out it’s you… :joy:

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:joy:took u long enough, and OP cool dinosaurs can kill the bugs. same reason why people in old times wanted cats

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:joy::joy::joy:took u long enough, and OP cool dinosaurs can kill the bugs. same reason why people in old times wanted cats