My 1st post - Help with team please ๐Ÿ˜Ž


Hi just wondering if anyone could give me some helpful tips on my team choice etc.
I just canโ€™t stay over 2500 battle points.



Best advise, stop play this game! This game really sucks


If you donโ€™t stop, you will spend money, it will be too late to cry


Too many raptors, put stegosaurus in and maybe alanqua (donโ€™t know how it plays). Get rid of two of your raptors.


Replace utahraptor with stegosaurus


Farm weekly events for more fusable DNA to make better hybrids. Replace at least 2 of your fast creatures with tanks you want at least 2 tanks, 2 anti tank, 2 speedsters and 2 support(nullifiers to counter indom/shielders or debuffers to wreck anti tanks) so that you have an all rounder team so even if you roll the worst choices you will still have all the tools to counter nearly any team!


Keep Utah as one of your speed choices itโ€™s the best non legendary raptor in the game because it puts out 2x attack &1.5x attack high crit chance thatโ€™s more damage potential than pyro raptor who recently got nerfed to unusable by replacing itโ€™s ap attack with a crap bleed!? Like duh woot!?