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My 2.0 hybrids

Yes yes it’s months away from 2.0, but new creatures make me wonder what’ll come next. I gotta say I love the new hybrids we got in 1.9, and the new Cenozoics as much as we originally protested are designed very well. I hope they are thoroughly rounded out in future content drops. I just hope they never cross the barrier of fusing the mammals with reptiles. That sticks out as a no no to me lol. I will say I think they should hold off on mammal fusions until they have more, a smilodon with a rhino horn doesn’t sound super appealing. These are some ideas I had with our new toys:

Phorusrhacos(10)+Dsungaripterus(10)= Rhacoripterus (Epic)
Abilities: Sidestep, Raking Claws, Ferocious Strike, Short Defense
Passive: SIA Evasion
Stats: 128 Speed, 5% Critical

Purutaurus(20)+Pyroraptor(20)= Carnoraptor (Unique)
Abilities: Cleansing Strike, Precise Pounce, Shield Advantage, Instant Distraction
Passive: 33% Rending Counter
Stats: 127 Speed, 5% Critical

Miragaia(20)+Ardontosaurus(20)= Miracolossus (Unique)
Abilities: Pinning Strike, Shattering Rampage, Regeneration, Instant Invincibility
Passive: Precise Shattering Counter, Immune
Stats: 104 Speed, 10% Critical
Drew a picture for him:

Maiasaura(15)+Tanycolagreus(15)= Maialagreus (Legendary)
Abilities: Decelerating Strike, Definite Impact, Stunning Impact, Impact&Run
Passive: SIA Stun
Stats: 128 Speed, 5% Critical

Brachiosaurus(20)+Maialagreus(20)= Brachiomonolith
Abilities: Cleansing Strike, Bellow, Instant Rampage, Stunning Rampage
Passive: SIA Nullify
Stats: 112 Speed, 30% Critical, 10% Armor

Suchotator(15)+Postosuchus(15)= Impierosuchus (Legendary)
Abilities: Superiority Strike, Ferocious Impact, Rending Attack, Exploit Wound
Passive: SIA Definite Strike
Stats: 124 Speed, 20% Critical

So there’s my ideas for 6 new hybrids assuming they stay with that design of six hybrids and 5 real creatures. What do you guys think? What ideas do you have after the update?


I don’t want to be “that guy” but your OP is my exact ideas from a long time ago in a post for 1.8 ideas

Thanks for thinking they were usable though! Maybe we’ll see something like these eventually

MY 1.10 Hybrids