My 2.17 update the aquatic dna update

Its easier to make hybrids with plus they need some stats also they could have stats, really its to stop people moaning about why a mosasaurus cant fight trex yk on land don’t think to deep into it

But then how do stats happen if they’re in a vial? I’m not trying to pick a fight I just want to understand this plot line better

The dna it self has stats as it is the genetic information on the creature but when they tried to make a hybrid it failed resulting in a mutat
That good enough?

Dude I nerfed this things health and attack but you haven’t said anything

The description is way too long. Needs components, nerf armor, nerf speed, and nerf damage. Swap in waay too strong. Needs a fourth move, maybe evasive or something, and the cautious cunnign need to go to regular cunning rampage

Basically that thing is broken to hell

I’ll change the rampage and reduce armour to 5%

I snit doing any more nerfs ,the description says it’s a perfected hybrid

*aint ,don’t know why it put snit

I know what the descriptin says, it just needs components, much lower speed, and somehwat lower atk

Generally, the smaller, the faster

Preondactylus is the fastest with 133. I think this thing with double cautious outspeads anything in the game

It shouldn’t be faster than velo. Shouldn’t have armour in the first place and less hp, around 4300ish.
Also I wouldn’t give it counter heal but I feel it’s not impactful enough for you to need to remove it.


Then why does it have armor?

Also tje dmg and speed truly are unbearable

Why the actual hell would it ever have these stats whats next dominate broar

No,I’m not a idiot

What on earth is tje ?

And STOP complaining.

Nobody’s complaining, people are providing criticism for you to improve your concepts.

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I’m not removing the armour because a creature with near bulletproof hide but no armour doesn’t make sense to me

Why? ITs not like the indoraptor has that armor. The DMG is still waay too high, and the descriptions is waay too long

Like here’s IndoG2

  • The source of the DNA used to create this GEN 2 is hinted at in her pigmentation. This creature’s light scales are reflective, and are used to blind her prey before devouring them.

And here’s dakotaraptor

  • Dakotaraptor was 18 feet in length, placing it second to Utahraptor on this list of largest known Dromaeosaurs. With attachment points for pennaceous feathers on its forearm bones, Dakotaraptor is also one of few dinosaurus confirmed to have feathers.

Both massively shorter than that monstrosity

Also reading through it I would get rid of the russian millitary part… because… no not that… because I dont think it would be a good idea to involve millitaries in these creatures (That aren’t the US, because DFW and DPW)