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My 2 cents on 2.5

Ludia, you’ve given us some lousy updates these last few patches, and I gotta say that this is a MAJOR improvement. I thought this was a small update like 1.10, but I realize that this took some time and love, and I am mostly pleased (there’s one small thing that peeved me, but I’ll cover that later). But I’m going to start with the good, and there’s a lot of it. The achievements and customization is so much fun. I haven’t enjoyed playing this much in a long time. I want to log in and see what achievements I can knock out, and some of those are tough, like the winning a battle with ankylosaurus in the arena. It’s definitely an achievement when you are able to use a pretty lousy epic in an arena ruled by trykosaurus and ardentismaxima. Then figuring out the mystery ones is also fun, because you have to think about what you did to reach x out of y. There are hard achievements, and there should be hard ones, because if they were easy, then they wouldn’t be considered achievements.

Now, there’s one achievement that does annoy the heck out of me, because it isn’t an achievement that everyone can do:
An achievement should NOT require you to spend money. Ludia, this is absurd. I know you’re a company and companies exist to make money, but this shouldn’t be the way to do it. Winning a battle with anky IS an achievement because you have to first get ankylosaurus and then try to win a battle, and it is pretty impressive to do especially if you’re in an arena that uses uniques. This is a thorn in the side of this update, and it really should go, as it’s not cool to deny free to play people of rewards, as you’ve done a good job with this by allowing everyone can reach similar goals, with people who pay getting there faster.
I hope you rework that achievement and allow F2P people to also accomplish all achievements. But after that, this is a great update


Agreed. Although at first I was disappointed by the lack of new dinosaurs, I am really pleased with this new update. So many new achievements - things that have been requested pretty much from day 1 - and it’s a nice change of pace to be trying to complete them. Extra goals for players to focus on is a great addition.

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my friend and i were discussing these achievements, and we both came to the same conclusion that they were designed with new players in mind. Theres prereqs on a lot of things that you get buy just playing and its fun to have 5 or more auto complete after finishing another. It gives newer players a sense of progress when they cant progress in the arena.

but stuff that requires specific creatures (anky, t rex, a full team of commons) is so much harder to do for the long time crowd (or just higher ranked) that it feels like it encourages dropping just to do something that should be so easy to knock out in campaign if that was allowed.

don’t get me wrong, its actually a lot of fun, but when you have things that should be easy but are so difficult in higher arenas, it kind of encourages dropping since not everyone is going to automatically think “oh hey, they’re trying for this achievement. let me help them”


The achievements overall bring more good then bad for sure… but beyond the mentioned achievements I also take issue with the collect x amount of darts achievements. Right now they can easily be completed simply by purchasing your daily allotment of 350 bundles. It’s not a game breaking issue by any means but that bundle won’t always be there and that bundle “cheeses” those achievements.

If that was the only thing that was added I’d be ok with this patch. Except Ludia somehow added more achievements to their game and tanked their optimization. Theirs no faster way to kill a game then to make it unplayable for a chunk of your playerbase.

And it’s not just low end androids anymore either… while I don’t suffer from lag or stutters. This game now makes my iPhone 11 get uncomfortably hot. I’ve certainly had different games make different phones hot in the past. But this is the first game that I’ve experienced that does it to this phone. And their is simply no excuse for it. This game has no reason to be pushing newer phone hard enough to get it hot other then poorly optimized code.

This update is barely playable on my iPhone 7…I like the update itself but not at the expense of trying to play the game.

Edit: IPhone 7 is still most popular iOS device in use today. With iPhone 11 about to overtake #2 spot. Not sure why game doesn’t seem to be optimized for iPhone 7.

Yeah, that just isn’t fair. I’m F2P, and the most darts I can physically use in one session is 13. Achievements should not require VIP. The funny thing (and correct me if I’m wrong) is that this seems like a pretty easy achievement if you do have VIP - just throw out as many darts as you can on a random common. So it isn’t even challenging once you pay to do it.

I do like most of the rest of the achievements though. Even stuff like the Anky one is really challenging, but when I was eventually able to do it, it felt really rewarding.