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My 2 cents

I agree with what others have said. The concept is good, but there definitely needs to be more features to make it more personalised for user experience. There definitely needs to be a profile for the user to add gender preferences/sexual orientation, so that your “matches” are like minded, so to speak. Even having some avatar profile pictures to choose from would be great.

Would love to see some more older matches as well. I guess I’m a “seasoned” Otome fan… so I’m definitely not a high schooler! I’m no where near being a silver fox, but I’ve always found that they’re more interesting, when they’re an option in a dating simulation game. :joy:

I do like that there are different personalities/traits to their profiles… but there’s no enough matches on my end for characters that I think would be interesting and different.

I’m one that doesn’t mind spending real money on games, if I feel I’m getting my money’s worth. Unfortunately… I haven’t had felt that way yet. If you pay to unlock a special scene in a date etc… then there definitely needs to be more options during that special feature.


Totally agree with everything

Also we get to choose our horoscope but I wonder if it affects something. Like our replies or the people we match with :thinking:? I really like the idea of adding more to our avatar.