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My 2 Weeks of Modded Adventure

I’m slowly clearing my market so that is one benefit of switching to aquatic…those ceno runs where you get a half dozen cards ending up in the market is bitter sweet.


No sadly, just a couple of words. Bellissimo 🤌🤌 :spaghetti: :pizza: :green_salad: Haha. Wanna learn though. Well after a point, you find yourself in the middle of a Kaprosuchus pack like you need to take them for a walk in the park for money. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Wow, what you posted is bellissimo and of course, buonissimo

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There is definitely some rythym to these rewards. I remember winning an andrewsarchus then an other one on the respin while we were both working on our cenos.
Lately I won a lot of coin rewards then bang at least 1200 dbs in like 3 days or so (recent aquatic tournament included). Btw I never win decent bucks during tournaments (the highest and rarest may be the 20db card) this time around I landed on the 250 db card twice and also won the 400 db card (it’s either in regular pvp or modded pvp). But I haven’t received the aquatic pack (big dna and buck earner). I feel neglected (pretty much was a given for at least 8-10 consecutive tournament weekends). LoL


Just finished another one

  1. 40 DNA
  2. 50 Mono SDNA
  3. 50 Mono SDNA
  4. 40 LP
  5. Spinoraptor
  6. 40 DNA
  7. 125 DNA
  8. 50 Kapro SDNA
  9. 50 Kapro SDNA
  10. 40 LP
  11. 30 DB
  12. 500 DNA
  13. 50 Raptor SDNA
  14. 50 Euoplo SDNA
  15. 50 Kapro SDNA
  16. 40 LP
  17. Sarco SDNA
  18. Kapro SDNA
  19. Sarco SDNA
  20. Lost connection
  21. Aerotitan
  22. Mono SDNA
  23. Aerotitan
  24. Kapro SDNA

150 Mono SDNA
250 Kapro SDNA
50 Raptor SDNA
50 Euoplo SDNA
100 Sarco SDNA
705 DNA
120 LP
30 DB
1 Spinoraptor
2 Aerotitan

Day 2 made me happier because of the repeated sarco SDNA, that’s one of the main things I aim for.
And just when I started adding more creatures to the elite team, an unexpected crash happened reducing my overall battle count, so I added one more battle from the non-elite tier and got food :unamused:

Also yes,

These are the ones I haven’t managed to hatch yet


This is my first post but it is funny that I have been thinking of tracking my Modded battle prizes for a few weeks but couldn’t get the inspiration until seeing this thread. A bit of background, I was playing this game pretty solid for about 6 months, roughly 4 years ago and pretty much at some point just moved on. I was at level 61 at the time.

My 8 year old son revived this, he had remembered we were playing this years ago and it was still on the iPad, lying dormant. Fast forward and found myself enjoying building up my stocks and I have rolled along to level 81 as of tonight. Struggling a bit to move at speed as I am not a VIP and have not invested $1 of real money into this game and I never will.

So today I decided to track my stats. I am done for the day (in Australia) as my roster is not huge and when the dinosaurs revive (I hardly bother with anything other than Land Dino’s), I will use them for the events. Today I had 15 battles and fortunately all victories, these were all on Elite.

My strategy is nornally to use the 1 or 2 lower end ‘elite’ dino’s paired with your typical level 30 legendaries of level 40 Super rares. My roster is not spectacular yet but find Super DNA dino’s to be the best value, hence my focus on modded battles. Here are the pulls for Day 1.

  1. 50 Mono SDNA
  2. 50 Velo SDNA
  3. Monolophosaurus
  4. Micro SDNA Pack
  5. 400 LP
  6. 50 Sarco SDNA
  7. 50 Velo SDNA
  8. 50 Sarco SDNA
  9. 50 Velo SDNA
  10. 50 Mono SDNA
  11. 50 Mono SDNA
  12. Shunsusaurus
  13. Shunsusaurus
  14. 400 LP
  15. Shunsusaurus

So it was basically raining SDNA, which I was not unhappy about until a surge of Shunsusauruses. I was not too happy about this, as I started the day with 17 in my inventory. I managed to avoid the worst prizes being the dreaded 40 DNA and the 40 LP. Ditto Aerotitans and Kapro’s. I have way too many of those.

My poor luck with Rajastega’s continued, with having only won 3, compared to the approx. 20 Shunsu’s, 20 Diplotators,15 Suchamimuses and about 8 Spinoraptors. Kapro’s and Aerotitans > 20 each.

I will probably only do around 10 battles max tomorrow but nonetheless keep the tracking going. Bye for now.


Hello, welcome to the forum and good luck with the drops
When it comes to strategy, using 2 fodders as low as possible (to lower the average ferocity and face easier opponents) with 1 strong main creature usually works, but modded pvp can get nasty sometimes, so what I do to ensure victory is putting my main creature in the middle, then choose the creature with class countering the class that counters my main to score some points in case my main is at class disadvangage and facing a strong opponent (usually 300+ HP is enough) and put it first, and a level 1 common as last, in case I needed to switch something in and sacrifice it while getting more points and baiting the attack, it looks like this:

I never care too much about mods, I just put in the common mods as they’re the cheapest.


Wow that is a solid entrance! Shunosaurs were just waiting you at the doorway. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Welcome on board, weather seems to be rainy as expected, consists of mostly SDNAs and Kapros along with Aeros. So we wish you a pleasant flight. :grin:


I am doing modded just for fun nowadays, like once or twice for every log in. Got one Spinoraptor just now. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I hope Chanya gives her a fine bucks offer like the one she did back then. 800 plus DB was sooo delicious. :yum:🤌

Edit: Just received a deal for her giving 657 DBs. Starting to get curious if it works that I have one more tomorrow on the discount and set a trap for Chanya in my market. :vampire:‍♂ “Oh I have a Spinoraptor in my markeeet, REALLY WANNA HATCH HER UUUP, I hope no offer comes by that I can’t resist.”


Lol been trying this and all I get offered is food.

Chanya be like ‘I know exactly what your up to aether you cant fool me!’ :smirk:


Oh I asked you a question exactly for this purpose on the Trade Harbour Travesty thread.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


In the not-so-unlikely event of meeting a Rajastega, please buckle up and be ready to capture the beast for your park before it eats you.

We hope you enjoy this experience with Modded Airlines. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I am definitely the laziest person in a 10 kilometer radius, so I have never done Modded seriously. :joy: However, I took my Indoraptor for a walk today.

And then he faced a threat…

Good thing he didn’t have his lunch before he came.

This reminds me of a conversation I once had with some Forum members, I think they were @Tommi and @Predator_X, about how creatures aren’t killed in battle but just tired (on account of cooldown), and we joked about Indoraptor knocking a Tuojiangosaurus just to have the Tuojiango wake up fit and fine in less than a minute’s time. :rofl:


Thanks, I am a bit worried about losing 2 dino’s with very low stats as I might get an unfavourable match up with my one strong dino. I tend to go with a couple solid dino’s, knowing they are capable of knocking over the opposition, especially when the match up is favourable. I have enough not to run out and be left waiting for them to recover. I am pretty much winning about 95% of my battles over the past month or so.

Though I am taking your advice of putting my best dino second, so he can’t get caught by a ‘bind’ at the start, with an unfavourable match up. Usually going with a guy with decent defence at the top and a glass cannon type in the number 3 slot.

This modded adventure has made me even more nervous as I enter battles as I am actually tracking the numbers formally. Anyway Day 2 was completed and I had 20 battles, and yes again all were victories. My pulls were probably not quite as good as on Day 1 and my quest for the elusive Rajastega continues.

  1. 50 Kapro SDNA
  2. 50 Velo SDNA
  3. 125 DNA
  4. Diplodator
  5. Kaprosuchus
  6. Micro SDNA Pack
  7. 30 DB
  8. Aerotitan
  9. 50 Kapro SDNA
  10. 50 Sarco SDNA
  11. 80 DB
  12. 50 Sarco SDNA
  13. 50 Mono SDNA
  14. 50 Kapro SDNA
  15. 50 Euplo SDNA
  16. 80 DB
  17. 50 Velo SDNA
  18. 125 DNA
  19. Aerotitan
  20. 125 DNA

S DNAs are pouring down, nice. :wink::call_me_hand:

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Ahahah that is a nice one, well caught up. But looking at that “red juice” splashing animation each time they hit each other, making me think of they might get wounded rather than getting tired. Or is it just ketchup or something? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Tuojiangosaurus : Eh bro will you really kill me now?

Indoraptor : No, however we have to pretend in front of the humans.

Tuojiangosaurus : Ah okay, this will work? (Gives ketchup)

Indoraptor : Perfect :ok_hand:


LOL :clap::clap::clap:
10 Ketchups


Their stunt abilities are so cheap btw, Indo hits to the right, Tuoji falls to the left. C’mon lads, be real. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Big favour to ask: could you guys post your rewards in a form of a summary or add up your rewards maybe? I think it would be a lot more informative and easier to process to see something like this (instead of a long unprocessed list)
Out of 20 modded pvp (you could post the methodology of course), I got

3x 50 kapro sdna
2x aerotitan
Of course it’s reasonable to post db, lp and dna amounts separately.
I would be very much interested in the results but at this current way I find it a bit difficult to follow.

Thanks! :blush: