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My 21 unboosted Scorp3 just took down a fully boosted lv30 Tryko

I ain’t even mad, I hate fighting Tryko. They ended up getting KO’d together, and I would argue that Scorpius won me that match, because I certainly did not have a team suitable for fighting Tryko (and the dino that Scorp took the place of was definitely not capable of beating Tryk either, or even putting a dent in it).

Thank you, Scorpius III. Even with your garbage health at lv21, welcome to my team.


Yeah Scorp 3 looks to be a pretty strong dino, I just have to level up my Scorp 2 more to unlock him

Actually that true at every level I think it’s either tryko kills it but dies or it just dies outright.

Also I want mine now pls Ludia.

Mine just killed lvl 30 full boosted Dio, that toxic Quill is very good to fight nonimmune tanker


Yup it’s super good however a magna or spxs shuts it down snap like that

Toxic Quills is just a death Sentence for Dio and/or Tryko. No Stun or DoT Resist, and they get hit pretty damn hard next turn as well, especially with the DoT.

Bottom Line: Toxic Quills is really hecking fun.


Lol it can basically win without taking any damage especially if it stuns

Absolutely Beautiful.

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Speaking of Under-Done Sr. Scorpius’ doing well, I’ve been running a Lvl 17 Gen 2 in the Aviary for the memes, and it’s actually doing pretty good! Thors everywhere are shaking in their collective boots and I love it.

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Scorpius g3 is OP and I love it. Its lv 22 with only speed boosts and its already replaced my lv 30 max boosted gemeni.still expiramenting with it though.

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Very much agreed, cunning fierce creature that can’t be stunned, can’t be speed decreased, has a turn 1 bleed and stun, can speed up to 30%, and has a great swap-in. But it’s not stupidly op since it doesn’t have great health and can definitely be countered by pure. cunning like spynx. I doubt it’ll get nerfed but won’t be supposed if it does. (will be disappointed of course). It’s also pretty good at killing flocks because of the bleed and cunning attacks.

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And while it isn’t as important, this animation rig may be my favorite in the game. The animations are just so over the top and it’s glorious.

Like seriously, what in the ever-loving meteorites is that animation for Critical Ambush?


my absolute fav is the rampage move, the pounce and kick is so well executed. The swap in looks so crazed and aggressive I love it lol.

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I think that’ just because it’s sped up a bunch, really.

The only disappointment is really just the quill moves. It’s a shoulder bash for… some reason.


ikr, idk why they didn’t annimate it to do a spin and like a tail swipe, it kinda just bullies you into a school locker or something lol


That is the best description I have ever heard.


Monolorhino: It’s showtime
I think it would probably be one of the best tanky counters, Definite Impact, Shields, Cunning, Immunities, it’s probably built to kill Scorpios Gen 3. At least that is what I think.

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I think its fantastic, it adds good variety to the game. People are going to be screaming to nerf it but honestly it has counters, I dont think its too OP


I will die on the hill that Tryko needs a nerf, thank goodness for scorp, he is really good against Tryko and the other unique resilients

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