My 2nd lengendary!


Just got this bad boy he looks pretty and has great speed I feel his main weakness is dinos that have superioty strike.


And also what do you guys think of him.


:astonished: I now have another dino goal.


I know he looks so cool and is overall pretty good😎.


Lol, I love my Spino line. Still on the hunt for EpicSpino after I spotted him days ago, but I have no clue where to look.


You should check cause the spawns were changed in this update.


I know, but I can’t figure out the zones to save my life.


I know me neither but you know just as reference.


True. Lol, I’m sure the zones like, don’t even exist now. Apatasaurs are my new pigeons. Though I have found two hybrids in the last couple days, Stegocera being this morning, and Anklocodon I kinda…overlooked. Just recently learned it’s a tanky tank destroyer.


Yea ankylocodon is good at destroying tanks.


Save for my Nodopata; lol, in a battle with a friend, neither of thise two refused to give in.


Wow nice that’s really good.


Oh yeah, can’t wait to make ger stronger, along with Amargocephalus. I love starting with her now, and she even took down a whole team on her own.


Yea I did that once too.


Im working really hard to get my 1st legend wich will be megalosuchus
Gorgosuchus is already lvl15 and magalossaurus lvl14
Is he a good legendary at least?


He is but I feel that he isn’t in the best position right now cause of superioty strike and he probably also needs a 2 times move.


Working on getting that spinotasuchus, just need two more spinoraptors :grin:


Spinosaurus epic can be found in zones where you see spawns of iguanodons and diplocaulus.

Megalosuchus i think is not worth cause gordosuchus is better(more attack, speed, critical and better set anti tank only some less life than megalosuchus) i think megalo need some armor breaking move lol


If the megalosuchus has armor piercing it would be too op. Gorgosuchus needs the defense shattering rampage with its lack of shield and counter. A balance system. Mine has no problem taking down tanks of equal levels, stegodeus, tragodistis you name it, without the need of armor piercing.


Explain me how lol, you cant down a 5k lifr whit barrier stetegodeus and his dmg.
Even tragodistis can do superior strike, stun 2 turn imvencibility and devastation and you only did 1 hit to him whitout defense shatering rampage