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My 4th unique tuoramoloch


Finally unlocked it with the events, although one of the worst uniques but I will take it!


Tuoramoloch was my 3rd, 1st and 2nd being Indo and Thor. My Magna is 210/250 and both Tryko and Erlidom are 170/250 so I have a 3 way race for my 4th unique.

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Congrats on the unlock!! I like mine a lot. Watch out for any upcoming balance changes that may give it a boost too :ok_hand:

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Congrats!! :hugs:

Ps if I will be lucky, this will be my second unique so I will take it for sure as well :rofl:

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Well done Sara … it was my fourth too and l should get my 5th later this week; managed to dart 100 today so instant level up. It has taken Draco G2’s place on my team … I quite like it.


I honestly think it’s underrated. Mine regularly survives a cloaked rampage from indominus. It absolutely crushes bleeders I’m does a fairly decent job against most other dinos, the only two that give it fits are trago and stegod

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It only survives an under leveled I Rex cloak rampage. At equal levels it dies. I give it some credit as it does take out spinotasuchus.


Just got my 4th unique (kinda), turned out it was Magna. Haven’t created it yet though because it will make me level 20 and I’m going to get the one time offer tomorrow. Really hoping ludia are kind to Magna and Tuora by giving them the buffs they need to compete with other uniques