My 4th unique :)

Here she is! Ready to be boosted! Finally I managed to dart the darwin DNA I needed! The design is growing on me… but that leathal swoop tho!

Im coming for you next touramoloch!!


Just used it in battle… Holy moly. It’s super useful!

Congrats! I love the cleansing swoop move. You can even swoop out and come back in multiple times if you play it right. I just wish it had a damage move besides superiority strike. I really love the design of it though. Probably my favorite bird.


I haven’t had mine yet, but enough DNA for a couple of fuses.
I heard people saying Stygidaryx is not that useful. Can you share your experience of using it?

Does it only have Superiority Strike as an attack? Not even a Rampage move?

Congrats, I was able to create it today also. Idk what to think of it yet. But seems like a cool dino strategic dino.

Just unlocked it today too :smiley:

My Stgydaryx says helloScreenshot_20190709-203359
Super useful in Lockwood.
Top tip, Stgydaryx can counter Yoshi. That might be useful for you to know

Its all about the wound damage ya see

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Yoshi…Do you mean Indor or the Christmas chicken?
After swapping Stygidaryx in, you can only use SS or Cleanse and swoop. It can be easily killed by any dino.

Christmas Chicken. I promise you, it is a legit counter. @Piere87, I’m pretty sure you proved my point that Daryx can counter the Christmas Chicken, right?

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You swap in on the Distracting Rampage, then keep superiority striking then instant Invisibility when it uses Distracting Rampage, then carry on striking till it’s dead. Has a pretty decent success rate as well. Got proof as well

I dunno, i’m in Lockwood Estate and the types of dinos I see i don’t know how useful it would be. I don’t often see christmas chicken, and if when I do that’s just one dino it might be good against. I just don’t like the fact it’s only attack move is SS.

Nor do I, I hate it :frowning:, but I love its wounding concept and the design, making it my favourite bird and creature in the game, so I just have to use it. I like both swoops actually, but hate that it only has one damaging attack. I enjoy using though and for me, that’s what counts. It’s not as bad as I thought it was as well with boosts

That makes sense. But having one dino to counter only one dino seems not worthy, especially when I am bouncing between Aviary and Library, I don’t see the Christmas chicken very often. I see Utarinex and Tryko the most and of course needless to say, Thor too.
My Dio can also take down the Christmas chicken 4 levels higher. I am still finding some points to motivate me to start fusing Stygidaryx.

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