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My account deleted

Why when I deleted my app it reset me to lvl 1 from lvl 20 and no matter what thing I pick it just keeps me at lvl one? This is not okay any advice?

why did you delete it?


The update was coming come through yet so I deleted the app and reinstalled it within less then 5 minutes to see if that would apply the update faster so I could get my dailies done and raids.

Make sure that you include what game in the post or at least catagorize the post appropriately. Idk if that was really something to flag you for or not though but I wanted to collect the badge for flagging a post.

Was it for example #JurassicWorldAlive or #DragonsTitanUprising or whatever the heck #lovelink is lol


Account was gone
There are lots of people that come to the forums with accounts gone sadly this isn’t usually the place that helps with that.

Try :slight_smile:

Hello, @Hertz. If you were playing as a guest, there’s always the risk of losing your progress if you uninstall the game as mentioned in our FAQ here. As @Cretinous_Martyr said, please send an email to our support team at and don’t forget to include your support key and username in your message as this will help them locate your account faster in our system. Thank you!

I did send and email with my username including that picture I have of my account I assume I just have to wait till I hear what else can be done?

It’s probably just waiting now. Good luck, I hope you can get your account back.