My account is gone

I always played connected with Google play and yesterday I wanted to play connecting with Facebook, but when I connected with Facebook a new game has started and it sync up with my Google play account and my main account with all the progress I made it’s gone. Now when I connect with Facebook, Google play it’s always the new game. I contact the help desk but they don’t reply. Does anyone knows how can I recover my main account cause I spent way too much time and money and I don’t plan to start over

Hey TuTuN, if you had already contacted our support team, they’ll be sure to help you try and get your game back once they see your message.

In the meantime, could you go into your in-game Settings menu and try disconnecting from your Facebook account and then reconnecting to Google Play? If that doesn’t work, our team will have to take a look at this and assist you further.

I did disconnect from Facebook and connected back with Google play but nothing, all my progress it’s gone, only the new game

I’m sorry that didn’t work :sweat:. It seems like our team will have to help you with this.

If you remember the support key from your previous game, please make sure you had included that in your message, along with the support key from the new game you’re currently on. It would help our team speed up the process of finding you in their system.


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your account will have to be transferred back to google. hopefully this will go faster for you then it did for me. im still waiting fir them to credit me the boosts that i missed from being down.

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oh and @Ren helped me with this and got it taken care of quickly.

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I hope it won’t take forever before I can play again with my main account

it took 4 days for me. i had to come here and complain because they never responded on the support chat. but rest assured that your account is safe.

No one’s responding or is willing to help me.
For God sake it takes less than a minute to reply, why no one bothers to do it?

Because there are other requests being responded to and they go in order?

Like I said, it takes less than minute to reply…