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My account is lost

Can someone help I clicked google play but it can’t work so now I am playing at level 2 I want yo get back my level 11 game before the update

Does your account connect to your facebook account? (If you have one)

No google play

I’ve never used google play honestly, I’m not sure how to help you here if you used google play and not facebook. Sorry, but if you remember your player info then you can ask for Support. @Ned, I think someone needs you.

Ya trying to massage him now

I don’t know if I should just play as the level 2 account and start but a part of me says no so I really don’t know what to do now I checked my alliance and my old account is still there I try to switch account in the setting in the game and they show me what I am switching into and it’s my old account 100+ dinos level 11 but when I clicked switch they said the thing when you have no internet or they just say error or they kick me out of the game I massage the help desk in game and in the forum all not working it’s just so annoying

I can’t play the battles incubators can’t play the tournament
Can’t help my alliance
Can’t level up my dinos
Can’t open up daily incubators
Can’t dart Dino’s
Can’t get anything

Ludia I am really angry it’s been 4 days

I’m sorry that happened with your account, Carnoraptor.troodon. Our support team will be sure to assist you as best they can once they receive your email at