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My account lost

hello i’m need report why my account lost?i don’t do anything please give my account back nickname:akmal1157 i know the support key i already bind to Facebook but my access lost please i need my account before tournament end i need to takedown akmal1157 team:dio,tryko,tenrex,cera,hadros,allorap(with 130 speed),erlindo (speed 133),i forgot 1 again-lvl 19-coins 100k+ - cash 100+ i hope can get my account back i already contact email buat already 2 day no answer

hello ludia?i need the answer

Just a bit of patience i suppose, don’t worry.

the problem tourney 1 day again and i not takedown yetbif not takedown i Will be kick

I’m sorry to hear that, Mersault_At.

As messages are responded to in the order that they come in, it can sometimes take a few business days for our team to see your email (depending on ticket volume). Thank you for your patience!

I feel you, I had lost a account myself and I know it’s crushing. Know I had nothing connected to it so I was really out of luck. Hope you get it back! Best of luck!

seriously 3 day no answer?

Did you mailed to I always recieve an answers in few hours.