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Since i’ve been ignored trying to contacy a support account, i’d like to share my problem
I’ve been trying to erase my facebook park but i’ve had no answer. Also, when i try to conect my visitor account with my facebook account, it says that it’s alredy in other device, when it’s not
If someone can help, i would appreciate it

How long have you waited for a response from the support email? Some times it can take 4-5 days before they get back to you, and that was before COVID 19 so it might be longer now. If you have sent an email to the support email box with all pertinent information support will contact you it just make take some time. If it has been more than a week and you haven’t heard anything then reach out to ”@Ned“ on the forums here and he can see if he can find anything out.

Sorry for being so impacient because i sent it yesterday and i didnt know how long it’d take. I’ll wait for the next week and if i have no answer i’ll contant “@Ned”.
Thanks for the response.

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No worries, Ludia support is slower than most support I have dealt with. It definitely is different from the seemingly on demand response we all get just about every where else in life these days.