My advance disappear anytime I Get connected in other place


Anytime I moved to one place to other. My grame restart. I lost my advance several times. It sucks


Hey Ruben_Carreno_Pulido, sorry to hear about what happened. Can check to see if your game was connected to your a Facebook or Google Play store account? If so, please make sure that your device is not signed out of those accounts because it will also sign you out of the game. Once your device is connected to the correct account, try relaunching the game.

If you are still having issues, our support team can assist you further with this. Please contact our team here at with your old and new Support Key.


Grrr I Lost again all my dinosaurs, I had more than 20 and some of them at 6th level. This is frustrated.

This game sucks


Click the level indicator (you might need to complete the intro training first), switch to settings then click on the facebook, google play or IOS (I’m assuming there is an ios equivalent login) login button - use the same option you originally used. You should then get a prompt asking if you wish to replace your new progress with your original progress.


Sorry not sure what else to suggest, I’m afraid you might have to wait for a response from support.