My Alankylosaurus rework proposal (it really needs it, poor armor boi just wants to be competitively viable :( )

Well, here you go!
Alankylosaurus (Reworked)

I’ve included in the description the reasons for ability changes and what they should be changed to. I would like to add that Group Resilient Rampage might be better as a Group Resilient Impact, just to give fierce creatures more of a rock, paper, scissors edge against the rework. Also the Medium Resilient Counter could also just be a Medium Counter (As seen in gigaspikasaur and amargacephalus) In case the vulnerability stack is too high.

I will be making more of these in future posts to hopefully bring attention to these cool, but severely neglected and waaaaay out of the meta creatures!

I would love your feedback!

  • This creatures rework is above satisfactory
  • This creatures rework is satisfactory
  • This creatures rework is below satsifactory
  • This creatures rework is not satsifactory (Too OP or really Underpowered)

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What should I rework next?

  • Gigaspikasaur
  • Monostegotops
  • Stegodeus
  • Other (Tell me in the comments!)

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(edit: added some polls cause I just figured out how to use them :smiley:)


Cool, this is very passionate. Would you do the same with anymore creratures?


Haven’t decided yet, but Gigaspikasaur, Stegodeus and Monostegotops are on my radar :smiley:.

Also thank you for the feedback, I spent a good while reworking this kit, it’s good to see you enjoyed my work :slight_smile:


If Monostegotops were to win, would you change its class to a Determined (Cunning-Resilient)?

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I’d just buff all of them

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Giga, Mono, and Stego at the same time?


Sure, why not?


I think the counter is a little too much but it is very great!

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I think I leave the next creature poll up for the rest of today then I’ll lock in the results