My all raids Youtube stuff

i,ll just list the videos by day here simplez


week 2 tuesday

bonus content para vs para and sloth wars






part deux



This is arctovasilas vs cera magnus totally off the cuff run

trying the new 213 dinos

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some raids using some of the new dinos for fun


works based on this without FU

some troodoboa fun

para vs hadro

rupaul and mortie post update vs haast for fun :stuck_out_tongue:

croc time

new brachi raids 2 tries more to come after science :stuck_out_tongue:

i altered the from the firsst run this seems to work better andrew survived

couple more a video with the 4 turn and a fun refer v refer raid cant have fun…why bother :stuck_out_tongue:

this guys strat is even better glad i started using andrew :stuck_out_tongue:

just to show indo2 works i,m betting a stock speed one would work too as long as its faster than thor…also round 3 could have been sped up if parra targeted the boss :stuck_out_tongue:

croc raid and fun referantum vs cera

another fun one refer vs haast :stuck_out_tongue:

what can 4 refers do againt mortie seems a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

more mortie fun

2 croc raids randoms

5 turn but with faster snake chnaged a move or 2 for snake

try and get a mortie faster than refer seems to work better and make sure you figure out who is 1 2 and 3